Double Disc Court, commonly referred to as DDC, is a unique sport in that two discs are used in play at the same time. Following is a brief description of the game.


DDC is played on flat ground with well trimmed grass. Courts which are 13 meters square and 17 meters apart are marked with brightly colored rope on the grass. The game is played with two 110 gram Pro model discs. There are two teams consisting of two players each. Each team defends a court.

Points are scored in three ways:

  1. You get a point for throwing a disc that lands and stays in your opponents' court.
  2. You get a point if your opponent throws a disc that touches outside your court.
  3. You get 2 points if the opposing team is in contact with both discs at the same time. That is called a DOUBLE.

DDC is a rallying type game similar to volleyball or tennis. After the initial serve, discs are thrown back and forth until a point is scored.


A common strategy used to DOUBLE the opponent is to throw the first disc to the opponents court either very slowly or very high. To ESCAPE the doubling attack, they can either catch and throw the first disc quickly before the other disc arrives or they can TIP a disc up in the air giving their partner enough time to catch and quickly throw the other disc. Then the tipped disc can be caught and thrown back at the opponent in a double attempt.

The continuing double attempts and escapes are what make the game exciting. Players are alternately placed in defensive and offensive roles within seconds. Many strategies involving types of throws and placement of the throws provide a variety of options for the players. The game is best played with opponents of equal skill levels but it is lots of fun at any skill level. Attributes of the top level players include agility, speed, power, timing, accuracy, catching ability and tipping ability. Precise communication between the partners is essential during the split second escape attempt.


DDC has several hotspots throughout the world - Sweden, Norway, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fort Collins - but the Bay Area is not yet among them. If you're interested in playing, get in touch with me and I'll set up a time and place to play.

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