2001 Arizona State Championships

11/10/01 - 11/11/01 in Phoenix, Arizona

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Tony Pellicane / Rick LeBeau
2John Kirkland / John Greensage
3Mark Horn / John Schiller
4Conrad Damon / Harvey Brandt
5Dave Hesselberth / Carlton Howard
6Blair Paulsen / Robbie Robison
7G Kirkland / Peter Albers
8Chris Horn / Judy Robbins
9Amanda Carreiro / John Shu
10Jamie Chantiles / Fred Salaz
11Tita Ugalde / Beth Verish
12Juliana Korver / Shawn Sinclair
13Dan Magallanes / Jeff Kruger
14Cody Kirkland / Richard Paschal

Tournament Level: C

 Greetings AZ participants:
 Yes, yes, it has taken quite a while to get to this project. My
 sincerest apologies to all. I have been taking an inordinate amount of
 time recovering and I don't think it is because I am playing any harder
 than in the past. Which leaves that age thing. Or that relationship
 thing. Or that work thing. Or that seven and a half year old daughter
 thing. Or any of a whole host of things.
 First of all, I want to give my utmost thanks to each and every one of
 you for having made the trip out to AZ and making the 26th AZ States
 what it was. I enjoyed the reunion as much this year as in any year. Our
 numbers were down in terms of participants but not in terms of the fun
 and family factor. Thank you all very much.
 And particular thanks to Bill Wright for his work in making sure the
 trophies arrived, done well and in time; Dan Ginnelly for getting the
 discs done; and Judy Robbins for running the freestyle again.
 I'll run down the basic results here and try to give any important info
 that comes to mind. Not all numbers will be here, sorry. Mostly the
 winners and close things. If anyone wants a complete copy of the
 results, let me know. I can do it in two ways, e-mail you an Excel
 attachment, or make a paper copy and mail it. Just give me a holler.
 We started off with very nice late afternoon and night time conditions
 for some pre tourney DDC on Friday night. When you make future plans,
 try to get here early.
 Saturday morn brought uncharacteristic winds that gave the golf course
 some added challenges. Still had some outstanding scores, including a 12
 under by eventual Open winner Shawn Sinclair.
 1-    Shawn Sinclair        88
 2-    Dave Hesselberth    92
 3-    Conrad Damon        94
 4-    Chris Horn              95
 5-    Carlton Howard       99
 1-    John Schiller        99
 1-    Mark Horn            97
 1-    Juliana Korver        107
 2-    Tita Ugalde            113
 3-    Judy Robbins        114
 4-    Beth Verish            115
 1-    Frank Altimore        112
 The winds stayed up a bit in to the afternoon for MTA, but were dying
 throughout. Once again, it took over 10 seconds to make the finals (and
 in a controversial decision, the TD made it an only Open final, that's
 why he gets the big headaches, I mean bucks). And it was again this year
 an over 11 second winning throw. With a Fastback disc.
 1-    John Greensage    11.41 / 11.27
 2-    Dave Hesselberth    10.92 / 11.06
 3-    John Kirkland        10.49 / 10.71
 1-    John Schiller    10.32 / 9.56
 1-    Jamie Chantiles    8.62
 1-    Juliana Korver    8.47
 2-    Mandy Carreiro    8.25
 Accuracy, as usual here, was a do it when you can type of operation. One
 shot when you are ready.
 1-    Conrad Damon    20     (What do you expect, he's the World Champ.)
 2-    Dave Hesselberth    18
 3T-    Carlton Howard and Tony Pellicane    17
 1-    John Schiller    14      (Getting to be a pattern in this
 1-    Mark Horn    12
 1-    Mandy Carreiro    13
 2-    Juliana Korver        12
 3T-    Beth Verish and Judy Robbins    11
 Thanks goodness Sunday morning brought out our typical warm and sunny
 and almost windless conditions. A total of 14 teams with a lot of
 variety of experience.
 1-    LeBeau and Pellicane
 2-    Greensage and J. Kirkland     (World Champs)
 3-    M. Horn and Schiller
 4-    Brandt and Damon         (former World Champs)
 5-    Hesselberth and Howard
 6-    Paulsen and Robison
 Masters' and Grandmasters':
 Schiller was the top M and his partner Mark was the top GM
 Gee Kirkland was the top Women finisher (7th),
 followed by Judy Robbins (8th), and then Mandy Carreiro (9th).
 Ugalde and Verish was the only all Women's team (11th)
 Of note, was the coming out party of Cody Kirkland, only 8 years old.
 You might notice the bloodlines and expect to keep seeing his name in
 the future.
 The great weather held for the last event, freestyle. Almost made it
 before dark too. Great jamming all weekend highlighted by some
 outstanding performances. I think it was a one drop (and on the last
 catch!!) semi by the Daves (Lewis and Murphy). And some of the most
 inventive and unique work by Paul Kenny and Cindy Kruger, watch out at
 the next FPA World's.
 1-    Dave Lewis and Dave Murphy        64.0
 2-    Paul Kenny and Cindy Kruger        56.4
 3-    Lee Harper and Peter Laubert           55.5  (If you haven't seen
 this routine, you should.)
 4-    Jamie Chantiles and Jeff Kruger       55.4  (Yikes it was real
 5-    Dan Magallanes and Judy Robbins    48.9
 6-    Hesselberth and Schiller and Fred Salaz   39.0    (Surprise hot
 Top Master was Schiller, top GM was Jamie, and the top Women finisher
 was Judy.
 We were all pleased and encouraged to see an all Golf team (and they are
 now true overall players) of Juliana Korver and Shawn Sinclair. These
 two will only get better and better.
 As expected, some close finishes in all the divisions.
 1-    Dave Hesselberth        84
 2-    Conrad Damon            77    (Probably hurt by his DDC partner's
 poor play.)
 3-    Fred Salaz                70  (An outstanding performance, and
 he's a Master!!)
 4-    Shawn Sinclair          68     (Warning, golfer becoming an
 5-    Jeff Kruger                65    (Warning, freestyler becoming and
 6-    Chris Horn                64.5  (Again, that bloodline thing.)
 1-    John Schiller        14
 2-    Blair Paulsen        9
 3-    Peter Laubert        6
 1-    Mark Horn        11
 2-    Jamie Chantiles    11   (Yes, a tie. Broken by first place
 finishes.  3 to 2)
 3-    John Titcomb        6
 1-    Judy Robbins        26.5
 2-    Juliana Korver        25  (Watch out world.)
 3-    Mandy Carreiro        24  (And she didn't even golf.)
 4-    Beth Verish                23.5
 5-    Tita Ugalde                22
 1-     Frank Altimore
 1-    Cody Kirkland
 Thanks, thanks, thanks. Next year, same frisbee time (November 9 and 10,
 same frisbee place.