2002 Arizona State Championships

11/10/02 - 11/11/02 in Phoenix, Arizona

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Conrad Damon / Harvey Brandt
2Tony Pellicane / Rick LeBeau
3Blair Paulsen / Robbie Robison
4Bill Wright / John Schiller
5John Kirkland / Matt Hull
6G Kirkland / Jon Freedman
7Dave Hesselberth / Carlton Howard
8Chris Horn / Mark Horn
9Cotter Michaels / Greg Korth
10Tim Cohn / Jon Cohn
11Tom Gleason / Kraig Steffen
12Tita Ugalde / Beth Verish
13Bethany Sanchez / Lori Daniels
14Judy Robbins / Chuck Richard
15Eddy Cohn / Cody Kirkland
16Susie Horn / Chris Sieben
17Juliana Korver / Shawn Sinclair

Tournament Level: C

 A great turnout of 17 quality teams. Defending champs LeBeau and 
 Pellicane flew in just for DDC, the Johns (second place last year) were 
 broken up by an injury to the Greensage half. The slackers (at least 
 last year) Brandt and Damon showed up just in case. A "pairs" overall 
 format brought out some good DDC matchups of the Cohn and Horn families 
 as well as Hesselberth and Howard and then Schiller and Wright. And 
 then there was a huge turnout from the east coast.
 Prelim pools went pretty much according to seed. On top of the "A" 
 semi, it came down to the defending champs and the former champs, 
 Pellicane and LeBeau against Brandt and Damon. According to one of the 
 finalists "it was a spanking" in the finals. Brandt / Damon cruised to 
 a 15-6 / 15-7 victory with extremely clean play and tough defense. The 
 fun was the semi pools. Paulsen and Robison (a real crusty team) used 
 experience to find a 3rd place finish.
 And the "B" semi saw all those east coasters fighting it out. Korth and 
 Michaels fought off the Cohn clan and the team of Gleason (token west 
 coaster) and Steffen to top the group.
 -Harvey Brandt