2003 Arizona State Championships

11/08/03 - 11/09/03 in Phoenix, Arizona

OPEN Division

Place Team
1John Kirkland / John Greensage
2Conrad Damon / Tony Pellicane
3G Kirkland / Jon Freedman
4Blair Paulsen / Dave Hesselberth
5Chris Horn / Mark Horn
6Matt Hull / John Houck
7Bill Wright / John Schiller
8Tim Cohn / Jon Cohn
9Robbie Robison / Cody Kirkland
10John Elsner / Jim Elsner
11Harvey Brandt / Kristine Spekkens
12Rob Knapik / Bryan Steffen
13Bethany Sanchez / Lori Daniels
14Judy Robbins / Susie Horn
15Brad Wendt / Mike Hughes
16John Titcomb / Craig Simon
17Thomas Cole / Jeff Shelton

Tournament Level: C

 Ah, the old you should have been there scenario. Started with some
 good and fun play on Friday afternoon / night and wrapped up with the
 last game at sunset on Monday (followed by a mad dash to the airport
 and a wild search for lost camera equipment, but more about those
 items later).
 Below are the some final stats. I am including an MS Excel attachment
 with the complete pool results. The first column (in case the info
 doesn't transfer well) is the finish of each team. Followed by their
 tourney seeding, player names and their individual ranking points, and
 the team total ranking points. Players with no results were given 300
 points. I then did some adjusting of seeds. Again, you will notice
 that the ranking numbers do a pretty good job of setting things up. A
 few teams made a 3 place jump up or down and one team was able to jump
 up 4 spots from their initial seed.
 We started with 4 pools, a total of 17 teams. Top two teams from each
 pool went to the A semi, an 8 team round robin, and the rest to the B
 semi, a 9 team round robin. Top two teams into the finals.
 Seeds went pretty well to form at the top with the exception of the 9
 seed taking out the 8 seed. Damon and Pellicane won the pool with a
 7-0 record and Greensage and J. Kirkland were the other finalists at
 6-1. I didn't get to watch much of the finals but it was JG/JK winning
 the first game. CD/TP came out firing and won the second game before
 JG/JK took the third and final game to seal the win. I'm not sure
 about Greensage but it was the first AZ title for Kirkland, as he was
 sure to tell everyone within earshot. G. Kirkland / Freedman took
 third place to make G the highest finishing women ever in the Open
 division of AZ DDC.
 The B semi found the younger Kirkland (Cody, 10 years) teaming with
 wily veteran Robbie Robison to come back from an opening loss and win
 that pool.
 It was announced at this years AZ States that a move is afoot to have
 the WFDF sanctioned World DDC Championships held next year in
 conjunction with the 2004 AZ States. Tentative dates are November
 11-14. Start planning now. Events will be Mixed, Women's, and Open
 Divisions. More news to come.
 -Harvey Brandt