2000 Kiss The Sky

07/03/00 in Aspen, CO

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Conrad Damon / John Greensage
2Harvey Brandt / Paul Hobson
3Randy Lahm / John Kirkland
4Steve Fryer / Scott Stokely
5Dave Griffin / Jeff O'Brien
6Bill Wright / Kirk Young
7Matt Jefferson / Greg Korth
8G Kirkland / Kaili Young
9Jenn Griffin / Jeff Kennedy

Tournament Level: C

 Your humble, roving reporter wishes you could have been in Aspen yesterday 
 for some of the nicest DDC conditions and great action in some time. Almost 
 too much DDC has happened in Colorado over the past 10 days and it would 
 take too long to detail it all. Suffice to say that next year you had better 
 be there for Disc or Die, Kiss the Sky, and Masters World Overall. Has to be 
 on your calendar if you love DDC.
 The day started with courts in place in lush grass at Rio Grande Park at 
 9:00a. A 20 minute delay enabled the Aspen Parks folks to mow the entire 
 field with the group only having to flip flop the courts back and forth as 
 the tractor passed by. Resulting in fantastic conditions. Sunny, warm, with 
 very little wind until the finals.
 Seeding was thus, from the DDC numbers online (following the names):
 1- Damon / Greensage  -18
 2- J. Kirkland / Lahm  -34
 3- Brandt / Hobson   -39
 4- Wright / Kirk Young / Schiller -77/62
 5- D. Griffin / O'Brien -87
 6- Fryer / Stokely    -139
 7- G Kirkland / Kaili Young  -190
 8- J. Griffin / Kennedy  - 281
 9- Matt Jefferson / Greg Korth
 This last team arrived while vacationing in the area. These 2 players from 
 CT joined the fray late.
 First round action was an 8 team round robin with these results:
 1- Damon / Greensage    7-0
 2- Brandt / Hobson      5-2
 3T- J. Kirkland / Lahm  4-3
 3T- Fryer / Stokely     4-3
 3T- D. Griffin / O'Brien  4-3
 6- Wright / Young / Schiller  2-5
 7- G Kirkland / Kaili Young  2-5
 8- J. Griffin / Kennedy       0-7
 9- Matt Jefferson / Greg Korth  added after first round
 One may notice the unusual combo of Wright/Young/Schiller. Bill had duties 
 at the Snowmass Doubles golf event, Kirk had some baby sitting duties, and 
 John continued to claim some kind of phantom injury. He says he will have 
 surgery soon. Yeah, right.
 As you can see, things went fairly close to original seeding with no team 
 advancing or dropping more than 2 places. Damon and Greensage (Conrad 
 attempting his 4th straight title with a 4th partner) hardly faced any 
 challenges with outstanding defense and offense. They did have a minor scare 
 from Brandt and Hobson, pulling out a 16-14 victory as the challengers kept 
 the disc in the court way too much for D and G to appreciate. Fryer and 
 Stokely pulled an upset on Brandt and Hobson the game before, as B and H 
 seemed to have saved up all their "in" throws for their game with D and G. 
 Then Kirkland and Young showed their ability by knocking off Fryer and 
 Stokely to throw all into chaos with ties in the records.
 The top 5 teams went to a semi round robin without dropping it down to 4 
 teams as was planned. Tie-breaks are nasty. The next 3 teams were joined by 
 the new team and played a 4 team round robin. Results:
 1- Damon / Greensage  3-0
 2- Brandt / Hobson    3-0
 Final pool game was not played.
 3- J. Kirkland / Lahm  2-2
 4- Fryer / Stokely     1-3
 5- D. Griffin / O'Brien  0-4
 Everything at this point went according to the seeding of the pool.
 B Semi Pool results:
 6- Wright / Schiller    2-1
 7- Jefferson / Korth    2-1
 8- G Kirkland / Young  2-1
 9- J. Griffin / Kennedy 0-3
 The newcomers from CT pulled an upset on Kirkland and Young in the first 
 game or this top women's team might have gone undefeated in this pool. 
 Riled, K and Y then put the hurt on Wright and Schiller in the final pool 
 game to create the tie. We used the old standard of point differential at 
 this point for final places. Not the cleanest resolve but everyone seemed 
 happy to just have had the great play and weather.
 The finals brought out the wind, and the best in play for those conditions, 
 from all the participants. A 10-2 start in the first game for Damon and 
 Greensage melted away as Brandt and Hobson went on a 10-4 tear of their own. 
 Again, superior defense and nasty offense proved the difference for the 
 champions, as they took back control and then cruised in the second game. 
 Paul Hobson showed that he is indeed a capable top rank player with diving 
 catches and front line tips.
 Damon / Greensage  22  21
 Brandt / Hobson    16  11
 The bad news for DDC players everywhere is that Conrad is dominating Aspen 
 DDC, 4 wins with 4 different partners and thus 4 new chairs. But think about 
 that. The good news is that as long as he keeps winning with different 
 partners, and YOU keep playing DDC, eventually Conrad will HAVE to be 
 calling YOU to play with him at Aspen. So keep throwing. As a recap, out of 
 the mix because they have won with Conrad in Aspen, are: year 1- Jon 
 Freedman, 2- Scott Stokely, 3- Harvey Brandt, and now John Greensage. Get to 
 Aspen next year! Plus golf is way cool at 11,212 feet of elevation!! But 
 don't ask Conrad about how many milkshakes he owes.
 Your intrepid reporter now takes to the road to check out the action in 
 Rochester with the Masters World Overall tourney. It starts Tuesday, July 
 11th, with DDC starting on Thursday. Still time to make plans. See you 
 - Harvey Brandt