2001 Kiss The Sky

07/06/01 in Aspen, CO

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Conrad Damon / John Kirkland
2Harvey Brandt / John Schiller
3Randy Lahm / Paul Hobson
4G Kirkland / Blair Paulsen
5Dan Roddick / Greg Korth
6Bill Wright / Kirk Young
7Amanda Carreiro / Scott Stokely
8Kaili Young / Lori Daniels

Tournament Level: C

 If you have never made it up to Aspen for the DDC and high
 altitude golf, you have surely missed something in life. For the few who
 have made the trek every year, the event is almost a pilgrimage. This
 year saw defending champ Conrad Damon trying to run his streak of
 consecutive wins with different partners to 5, pairing with the relative
 newcomer (and if you know the whole story, you know why I say
 "relative") John Kirkland.
 8 teams were playing in 1 pool with the top 4 going to the "A" semi and
 the next 4 going to a "B" semi to determine final places and the 2
 finalists. As usual, we had beautiful conditions, with the brief passing
 rain shower. The first pool results are as follows:
 1- Damon / J. Kirkland    7-0
 2- Hobson / Lahm            5-2
 3T- G Kirkland / Paulsen    4-3
 3T- Brandt / Schiller        4-3
 5- Korth / Roddick           3-4
 6T- Carreiro / Stokely       2-5
 6T- Kirk Young / Wright  2-5
 8- Daniels / Robbins / Kaili Young  1-6
 The second seeded team of Brandt and Schiller made it exciting, losing
 to any and all teams with a K. Young on it, but were still able to
 barely advance.
 In the "B" semi, all the teams took turns beating each other, resulting
 in a 3 way tie. With the points tie breaker system, this is how it
 worked out.
 5th- Korth / Roddick    2-1
 6th- Kirk Young / Wright    2-1
 7th- Carreiro / Stokely    2-1
 8th- Daniels / Robbins / Kaili Young    0-3
 In the "A" semi, the top seed of Damon / J. Kirkland dominated, while
 Brandt / Schiller seemed to get it together (and over come Schiller's
 injury) to take the other spot in the finals.
 The finals was actually a moving hospital drama, as Schiller was
 suffering a possible torn something behind one knee, Damon was
 recovering from a week old severe ankle sprain (see photos of the
 blackened toes and ankle), and Brandt had a slight Achilles tendon
 strain. Only the oldest finalist, John Kirkland, seemed to be in good
 health. What could it be? Someone suggested it was because he chickened
 out of golf. But all their injuries did occur prior to the golf, and for
 that matter, didn't keep any of THEM out of the golf. Someone else
 thought it was the turkey burgers.
 The finals started out as something of a rout, Damon et al taking the
 first game 15-10 (or so).
 The second game seemed the same until Brandt / Schiller came back from
 down 5-11 to tie it at 13 and take the game on a hotly disputed double
 call, 15-13. The third game went the opposite, as Schiller found that he
 could ignore his injury by thinking of beating the old man on the
 opposite front line. Brandt / Schiller took something like a 10-5 lead
 only to see Damon / Kirkland come back to tie at 15s. Back and forth it
 went until Damon / Kirkland eked out the 20-18 victory. Ice cream was
 then had by all.
 Final results for the top 4:
 1st- Damon / J. Kirkland    3-0        2-1
 2nd- Brandt / Schiller         2-1        1-2
 3rd- Hobson / Lahm           1-2
 4th- G Kirkland / Paulsen    0-3
 Don't forget to put this event on your calendar for next year. TD Bill
 Wright promises to settle the date soon, so that you can make your life
 plans around it. Ever your humble reporter, HYB
 -Harvey Brandt