Kiss The Sky

06/25/04 in Aspen, CO

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Conrad Damon / John Schiller
2Harvey Brandt / Blair Paulsen
3Bill Wright / Tim Cohn

Tournament Level: C

So what was the story? And why weren't you there?
 I can try to answer the former. Next year think seriously about why you 
 weren't at the highest elevation, most unique place to play DDC. And a 
 wonderful excuse to play disc golf at 11,212 feet. Despite the 
 distraction of golf we still managed to play plenty of extra games 
 after golf rounds. And of particular note, we played with the new 
 Port-a-Field courts that the Wright Life brought along. These are made 
 of a broad white tape, fairly easy to set up (after a few times), are 
 quite visible, don't really need cones, and even have a sideline stripe 
 between the courts to keep random pedestrians from crossing through. 
 Bill has provided one to me that will make an appearance at the 
 upcoming Masters event.
 For the tenth annual event, perpetually dominated by Conrad Damon, the 
 question was: who would attempt to deny him. As it was, only three 
 teams total showed for the event. But serious competition did happen.
 The teams were Conrad Damon / John Schiller, Tim Cohn / Bill Wright, 
 and Harvey Brandt / Blair Paulsen. After little discussion we decided 
 to trim it from a 9 cycle round robin to a mere 3 cycle round robin. 
 The was ice cream to be eaten after all.
 Bill and Tim came out with but a single win but it was in a supreme 
 effort against Conrad and John. Harvey and Blair took all 3 against 
 Bill and Tim (all were close) and went 1-2 against Conrad and John. 
 Follow that? After 3 rounds, it was Conrad and John at 4-2, Harvey and 
 Blair at 4-2, Bill and Tim at 1-5.
 The top two teams went to the best of three finals. Harvey and Blair 
 took the first, playing almost flawless DDC, 16-14. Conrad and John 
 adjusted well and took the second 15-12, and then finished it off with 
 a two point score on the last play to take the third game 15-11.
 So a new streak starts for Conrad. Everyone seems to be wondering  - 
 will he keep changing partners, will he now try to defend with the same 
 partner, will he even continue to show up, having almost worn out his 
 welcome in the fair town of Aspen? We'll see soon enough. KTS, the 11th 
 Annual, will of course happen next year. Dates are yet to be 
 determined. We'd like to see about 7-8 teams for a real good time. 
 Don't worry, I'll keep you all informed.
 For photos of the event, please go to:
 Harvey Brandt
 29th Annual AZ State Overall
 WFDF 2004 World DDC Championships