2000 Disc Or Die (CO States)

06/24/00 - 06/25/00 in Fort Collins, CO

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Harvey Brandt / Randy Lahm
2John Kirkland / Robbie Robison
3Paul Hobson / Jeff O'Brien
4Bill Wright / Kirk Young
5Steve Fryer / Scott Stokely
6G Kirkland / Kaili Young
7Tim Anderson / Joel Moore
8Peter Sherek / Scott Walsh
9Jenn Griffin / Bruce Kettle
10Art Avalos / Brett Winter
11Doug Bronson / Jerron Peery

Tournament Level: B

Thanks to Harvey Brandt for the results.

 The Disc or Die CO State Overall happened this past weekend
 and despite a smallish number of competitors, the
 competition in DDC was great. A total of 11 teams took to
 the fields after some delay while court orientation was
 discussed. Court orientation conversations occurred
 frequently during the day, much to the delight of
 spectators. You sort of had to be there to understand. But
 no one really wants a repeat. Weather was overcast with
 shifting winds and occasional drizzle.
 Seeding again was based almost exclusively on the numbers
 generated by Conrad's ranking system. And again the results
 bore out the legitimacy of using the numbers. Of  teams with
 usable ranking numbers, there were only 2 teams that shifted
 positions from what their numbers would have indicated, and
 those 2 teams only flip flopped spots. John Kirkland and
 Robbie Robison were given the top seed over Harvey Brandt
 and Randy Lahm despite a slightly better seed number for
 Brandt/Lahm because of Kirkland's defending champion status.
 Hobson/O'Brien should have been seeded below but were seeded
 one spot above Wright/Young due to an error by the official
 numbers guy as there was a last minute change of teams due
 to an injury.
 So seeding looked like this: (with seed numbers as
 1     John Kirkland / Robison   (31)
 2    Brandt / Lahm   (24)
 3    Hobson / O'Brien (really should have been 4th)   (109)
 4    Wright / Kirk Young (really should have been 3rd)  (76)
 5    Fryer / Stokely    (114)
 6    Gee Kirkland / Kaili Young    (189)
 7    Anderson / Moore
 8    Griffin / Kettle
 9    Bronson / Peery
 10    Avalos / Winter
 11    Sherek / Walsh
 We played a 2 pool prelim and then took the top 3 teams from
 each pool to a 6 team round robin semi. The lower finishers
 also played a round robin as the split took almost all the
 open teams to one pool and all of the amateur teams to the
 other. In the initial round robin pools the results were as
 Pool A
 1    Kirkland / Robison     4-0
 2    Wright / Young           3-1
 3    Fryer / Stokely            2-2
 4    Griffin / Kettle            1-3
 5    Bronson / Peery          0-4
 Pool B
 1    Brandt / Lahm          5-0
 2    Hobson / O'Brien    4-1
 3    Kirkland / Young     3-2
 4    Anderson / Moore    2-3
 5    Avalos / Winter        1-4
 6    Sherek / Walsh         0-5
 In the round robin semi the results were as follows:
 1 tie    Kirkland / Robison    4-0  (final pool game was not
 1 tie    Brandt / Lahm            4-0      to decide
 3        Hobson / O'Brien        3-2
 4         Wright / Young          1-3  (baby feeding
 eliminated last game)
 5        Fryer / Stokely            1-4
 6        Kirkland / Young        0-4  (was doing the
 In the consolation round robin:
 1    Griffin / Kettle    2-1
 2    Sherek / Walsh    2-1
 3    Avalos/ Winter    1-2
 4    Bronson / Peery    1-2
 Sherek / Winter took the consolation final over Griffin /
 Kettle to finish 8th
 In the open final the results were as follows:
 Brandt / Lahm            13    15    15
 Kirkland / Robison     15    12    12
 It was a very well played and close finals with good shot
 making, some excellent rallies, and good defensive play.
 There was some discussion about which way one should spit
 when it is windy, but that was resolved without bloodshed
 and only slightly raised voices. It was good to have Robbie
 return to the field of play after a bit of an absence.
 Final results:
 1    Brandt / Lahm
 2    J. Kirkland / Robison
 3    Hobson / O'Brien
 4    Wright / K. Young
 5    Fryer / Stokely
 6    G Kirkland / K. Young
 7    Anderson / Moore
 8    Sherek / Walsh
 9    Griffin / Kettle
 10    Avalos / Winter
 11    Bronson / Peery
 Many of the players reshuffle the teams and head to Aspen
 this next weekend for Kiss the Sky. Golf on Saturday and
 Sunday with the real event being DDC on Monday. If you are
 going, expect DDC each day after golf. Results on Tuesday.
 - Harvey Brandt