1996 Spring DDCPA Invitational

05/19/96 in San Diego, CA

OPEN Division

Place Team Record
1Snapper Pierson / Mark Horn8/2
2Conrad Damon / Jon Freedman7/3
3Jim Herrick / John Greensage6/4
4Robbie Robison / Harvey Brandt5/5
5Bobby Benner / Peter Laubert3/7
6Alan Bonopane / Liz Herrick1/9

Tournament Level: C

 The tournament was held under clear skies with mild winds of
 5 to 15 mph at a temperature of 78 degrees.. Attending,
 among others, were the current U.S. Open champs, the current
 Arizona State champs, the previous league tournament champs,
 the current California State Champs (4th), and the current
 Grandmaster champs.