East Coast DDC Championships

09/20/08 - 09/21/08 in Raleigh, NC

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Curtis Progl / Richard Paschal
2Harvey Brandt / Jack Cooksey
3Dave Hesselberth / Jeff Woessner
4Stewart Hubbs / Drew Preiss
5Carlton Howard / Cotter Michaels
6Hank Bass / Mike Prost

Tournament Level: B

Thanks to Harvey Brandt for the results.

 For the second year, Carlton Howard and the rest of the Triangle DDC group (Double Trouble) put on a wonderful DDC event - the East Coast Championship. There is no entry fee, you get a free shirt, free Saturday night dinner, all the DDC you can ask for, and they house everyone. What more could you ask for?
 6 teams made the trip this year. We had 9 last year, so it appears that the economy has put a crimp in most tourneys this year. There was some pickup for the early arrivals on Friday night. A double round robin Saturday allowed everyone to play 10 high quality games. There was no clear favorite team and no clear idea of who would advance to the semis. All 6 teams looked capable of advancing. 
 At the end of the first round robin, two teams led the way with some bunching behind them:
 4-1 - Richard Paschal / Curt Progl (local Raleigh folks)
 4-1 - Harvey Brandt / Jack Cooksey (outsiders, for sure)
 3-2 - Stew Hubbs / Drew Preiss (local, but from Durham)
 3-2 - Dave Hesselberth / Jeff Woessner (Dave is local, Jeff was but is now displace in St. Louis)
 1-4 - Carlton Howard / Cotter Michaels (the organizer, Cotter coming down from CT)
 0-5 - Hank Bass / Mike Prost (coming up from Tallehassee)
 Even though Hank and Mike came away from the first round without a victory, each and every game they were in was very competitive. These guys are on the rise down in FL.
 The second round robin saw some change in the order:
 1- Hubbs / Preiss at 7-3
 2- Hesseberth / Woessner also at 7-3 but losing the tie break 
 3- Brandt / Cooksey at 6-4
 4- Paschal / Progl at 6-4
 5- Howard / Michaels at 3-7
 6- Bass / Prost at 2-8
 This set up Hubbs / Preiss picking Paschal and Progl in the Sunday semis. Leaving Hesselberth / Woessner to face Brandt / Cooksey.
 Stew and Drew showed a little late to the fields Sunday and it cost them in warm-up time. Paschal and Progl took them in straight games, 15-13 and 16-11. In the other semi, Brandt and Cooksey had two very tight games in overcoming Hesselberth and Woessner, 15-12 and 15-11.
 The two finals teams had split pool games the previous day, so there was no clear favorite.
 In a match to decide the 3rd and 4th place finishers, Hesselberth / Woessner took two straight from Hubbs / Preiss, 15-12 and 15-3. Playing a match for the official 5th and 6th place, Howard / Michaels defeated the up and coming Bass / Prost.
 Brandt and Cooksey took a very close first game, coming from behind to win 17-15. But the magic left the field for them after that. Paschal and Progl played a very consistent game, limiting unforced errors and keeping Brandt and Cooksey deep for most of their attacks. This allowed them to make some great escapes and bring the attack back on Brandt and Cooksey. Paschal and Progl got leads in both the second and third games and didn't allow any comebacks, winning the last two games 15-10 and 15-10 to take the title. It was the first major title for both Richard and Curt, and showed the DDC improvement and growth that has been going on in the Triangle area. This is a great event to attend in September, a good warmup for the November World DDC event. Don't miss it next year. Can't beat the price.
 your faithful DDC reporter