East Coast DDC Championships

09/21/13 - 09/22/13 in Raleigh, NC

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Dave Hesselberth / Cody Kirkland
2Conrad Damon / Jack Cooksey
3Dave Taylor / Sam Kaye
3Cotter Michaels / Greg Korth
5Richard Paschal / Stewart Hubbs
6Hank Bass / Tom McMullen
7Gus Webb / Nathan Joswiak
8Peter Andrews / Mitchell Minford
9Jason Koonts / Jim Gaarder

Tournament Level: C

Thanks to Dave Hesselberth for the results.

 News from the East...
 Friday night saw huge rains and the weekend dawned overcast but not
 raining. With the temperature around 80 and winds light we had damp
 but overall excellent conditions.
 With 9 teams the format was once through to 21.  Play started a bit
 late at 10:15 and had plenty of competitive match-ups.  AMAZINGLY the
 pre-tournament seeding held in EVERY game EXCEPT where the 9th seeded
 team of Cotter Michaels and Greg Korth was concerned.  Knowing that
 our giant round-robin format would sort out any seeding inaccuracies I
 had decided not to adjust their seeding as I might have otherwise -
 clearly they deserved a higher seed but were held back by a lack of
 recent play. As the tournament progressed they beat every team they
 faced except the 1 and 2 seeds in their first two games and would
 finish against 4th seeded Richard Paschal and Stu Hubbs and 3rd seed
 Sam Kaye and Dave Taylor with the last semi-final spot on the line.
 Cotter and Greg came out strong and had a commanding 20-11 lead but
 point by point Stu and Rascal clawed back into the game. Finally at
 20-19, a throw-out off an escape allowed Cotter and Greg to close the
 deal making their first semi at a major. Although they lost to the 3
 seed they had already locked the semi-final spot. Very good work.
 After an hour or so of free play the rain finally began to set in,
 eventually driving everyone off the fields to get cleaned up for the
 party being hosted by the local club at Dave and Hope's house. Lots of
 cooking and prep by Stu, Drew, Peter and the gang resulted in a great
 meal! And Dave Hesselberth was appropriately surprised by the birthday
 cake that Hope had managed to hide from him during all the party prep.
 Thanks honey :).
 Top seed Dave and Cody chose to face Cotter and Greg in their semi,
 leaving Conrad and Jack to face Sam Kaye and Dave Taylor in the other
 semi. Heavy rains much of the night cleared away by morning leaving
 beautiful skies but sloppy fields and a brutally windy day in front of
 Interestingly both Hesselberth/Kirkland and Damon/Cooksey had
 difficulty in the first game but breezed in the second, winning with
 identical scores of 22-20 and 21-9. The winds were making for some
 very difficult play and unpredictable flights.
 The finals started with Damon/Cooksey winning the first two games
 handily 15-8 and 15-10 behind Jack's defense and Conrad's
 attacks. Cody was alert enough to gain a break at game point in the
 second game but they couldn't capitalize further.  Allowing Conrad to
 attack at will from the front half of the court had been costly in the
 first two games but with the third game things began to change.
 Hesselberth and Kirkland both found the range and began keeping Damon
 deeper in the court allowing Cody more room to work his magic and
 bring the heat in return.  Hesselberth/Kirkland controlled the third
 game winning 15-13.  The 4th game was likewise controlled from the
 start by Dave and Cody but Damon/Cooksey fought back to within one at
 13-12 at the switch. Cody threw a winner for the next point and Dave
 finished the game off with a long cross-court back-hand burn into the
 wind - the wind was squirrelly enough that he thought that was a
 better option than sending it deep and it paid off. The final game got
 away from Damon/Cooksey quickly although finishing at a respectable
 15-11.  More free play was had by all before players began to head for
 the exits and their evening flights.
 Another great success from the East!  We hope to see more of you here
 next year! Final standings are below.
 Don't miss the next great tournament in AZ in less than 2 weeks!
 Dave & Drew and the Double Trouble Team
 1. Hesselberth / C Kirkland
 2. Damon / Cooksey
 3. Kaye / Taylor
 3. Michaels / Korth
 5. Paschal / Hubbs
 6. Bass / McMullen
 7. Web / Joswiak
 8. Andrews / Minford
 9. Koonts / Gaarder