East Coast DDC Championships (pickup KOC)

09/10/17 in Fredericksburg, VA

OPEN Division

Place Team RecordAndPtDiff
1Conrad Damon8-1 +52
2Drew Preiss8-3 +21
3Mitchell Minford7-5 +18
4Nathan Joswiak6-4 +10
5Peter Andrews5-3 +5
6Sam Kaye5-5 +2
7Arthur Coddington5-5 0
8Gus Webb2-3 -3
9Harvey Brandt5-6 -18
10Cotter Michaels3-5 -5
11David Taylor3-5 -18
12Richard Paschal2-5 -15
13Dave Hesselberth2-6 -22
14Maurice Cinquini1-6 -27

Tournament Level: A

 This was a loosely organized KOC event played as a series of pickup
 games. 62 games were played in all. Finishing order is based on the
 difference between wins and losses since not everyone played the same
 number of games. Ties were broken by point differential.