King Of The Court

06/08/02 - 06/09/02 in San Diego, CA

OPEN Division

Place Team Title
1John KirklandKing
2Conrad DamonQueen
3Harvey BrandtPrince
3Tony PellicanePrince
5Jon FreedmanDuke
6Blair PaulsenDuchess
7Rick LeBeauEarl
8G KirklandJester

Tournament Level: B

Thanks to Rick LeBeau for the results.

 Thanks all for coming to town to contribute some spirited play in some less 
 than ideal conditions. As Jon said, this weekend's winner was actually King 
 of the Conditions. It was great to see the quality of play in the face of such
 adverse wind directions/speeds. Makes you appreciate that much more how lucky 
 we've been at some other tournaments, especially AZ the last few years. 
 The official order of finish:
 first-some youthful old guy
 second- some crusty young guy
 two guys tied for third, one local & one from some hot place out east
 fifth went to some family guy
 sixth- which blair was it?
 seventh- a cheesy food product
 eighth- some classy dame
 Miscellaneous awards- 
 most miles flown to compete: Conrad
 Most miles driven...- Jon (x 2) -wasn't sure if he'd won the award after the first day so he drove home, dropped off the family, and came back
 most zombie houseguest- bed time we had to pry him off the couch after he finished his second pint of ice cream
 best car with the worst gauges award- Blair, who ran out of gas AS he arrived at the field.
 Doing the most with the least- Gee, who managed to stay in the thick of things through most of the event, and in spite of the fact that she finished eighth, you knew when you stepped on the court you were gonna have to play her honest. 
 back of the milk carton award- John Greensage, who, for the second time in the history of the event, cancelled at the last minute
 Most omnipotent- Gail Force, the weather forecaster who single-handedly tried to blow our tournament away
 Best new playoff format devised on the spot- Quiche and Jon, who saw the tie for fourth shaping up before the last prelim game ended, and came up with a captivating new format to break a tie to get into a playoff. 
 Comeback of the weekend award- Harvey, after breaking out of the blocks at 1-6, comes back to make the final and tie for third with Tony
 Who do you want as your flamethrower when you're down 14-9 award: in the last game of the prelim round, Blair, playing with cellar-dweller Quiche, decides he has no other chance of winning, so...he burns on virtually every touch he has til the end of the game, and somehow B & Q pull out the game vs. Tony and Jon. 
 Be looking in your email box for the invitation for the fall K of C classic. Consensus seemed to be mid-October for a desired date. Then again, I'd settle for a date any time before then, but no one'll have me. 
 Thanks again to all who showed and played. 
 PS. Next on tap- King of SCF. We had meant to do it, but when are you gonna do it when you're that hungry for DDC? Anyway, maybe in a couple months we have a get together just for SCF and we play a little DDC on the side?