2006 Masters/Juniors World Championships

07/04/06 - 07/08/06 in Santa Cruz, CA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Conrad Damon / Harvey Brandt
2John Kirkland / John Greensage
3Mark Horn / Cody Kirkland
3Dan Roddick / Jim Herrick
5Blair Paulsen / Thomas Cole
6Brad Wendt / Rick Williams
7Doug Korns / Paul Thompson
8Mark Farrar / Jeff Kennedy
9Bill Chetel / Jeff Shelton
10Jamie Chantiles / Tom Sahlit
11Tom Ford / John Titcomb
12Susie Horn / Spencer Herrick
13Curtis Paul / Ryan Paul
13Jeff Korns / Madison Paul

MASTER Division

Place Team
1Conrad Damon / Harvey Brandt
2John Kirkland / John Greensage
3Blair Paulsen / Thomas Cole
4Jamie Chantiles / Tom Sahlit


Place Team
1Dan Roddick / Jim Herrick
2Brad Wendt / Rick Williams
3Mark Farrar / Jeff Kennedy
4Bill Chetel / Jeff Shelton


Place Team
1Doug Korns / Paul Thompson
2Tom Ford / John Titcomb


Place Team
1Susie Horn

JUNIOR Division

Place Team
1Cody Kirkland
2Spencer Herrick
3Curtis Paul
3Ryan Paul
3Jeff Korns
3Madison Paul

Tournament Level: D

 We had a total of 14 teams, which was all divisions including Juniors.
 Two 7 team pools to start got us to the top three teams in each pool  
 advancing to an "A" Semi. Two teams had to drop out, so the "B" Semi  
 also had 6 teams. Big news in the prelims was the victory of Mark  
 Horn and Cody Kirkland (almost 14?) beating John Kirkland (sort of  
 proud dad, wouldn't you have to admit) and John Greensage. JK and JG  
 still went on to win the "A" Semi pool, beating the next seed Brandt  
 and Damon, and exacting revenge on son Cody.
 I am not going into a lot of detail of all the results as you can  
 peruse them on the web.
 Semis saw JK/JG picking Dan 'Stork' Roddick and Jim Herrick (way too  
 long since we have seen these guys out at tourneys, especially Jim)  
 and Harvey and Conrad facing Mark and Cody.
 Neither semi went to three games, both JK/JG and Brandt/Damon winning  
 in two straight.
 That set up the finals. Haven't we seen enough of these teams? Always  
 in the finals!!! Oh wait, I was in there, never mind.
 JK/JG took a 12-10 lead in the first game (3 of 5 to 15) before  
 Brandt/Damon roared back and scored 5 straight points to win the  
 game. JK/ JG took another lead, 11-9, in the second game to see  
 almost the same thing happen. 6 straight points as Brandt/Damon took  
 a 2-0 games lead. The third game was different. Brandt/Damon took  
 over from the start and won the final 15-9.