NC State Championships

08/27/04 - 08/29/04 in Raleigh, NC

OPEN Division

Place Team Record
1Dave Hesselberth / Drew Preiss10-2
2Stewart Hubbs / Jeff Woessner7-5
3Carlton Howard / Dave Taylor5-4
3Richard Paschal / Bryan Steffen2-7
5Greg Williams / Steve Millward8-1
6Ed Williams / Scott Anderson4-5
7Mike Hofmann / Brian Schweberger3-6
8Brian McRee / Robert Leonard0-9

Tournament Level: B

Thanks to Carlton Howard for the results.

 Note: There was first a round of pool play, two pools of four, with the top
 two from each pool into the A pool, and the bottom two from each into the B
 pool. One pool had a three-way tie at 2-1. The next round was a double 
 round-robin. That's why the records look out of place.