07/14/01 - 07/15/01 in Allentown, PA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Cotter Michaels / Greg Korth
2Toddy Brodeur / Jon Cohn
3Dan Berman / Tim Cohn
4Kraig Steffen / John Duesler
5Gary Auerbach / Scott Sailor
6Bob Graham / Scot Wittman
7Ritchie Klinger / Jamey King
8Nick Knapp / Chris Robbins
9Richhi Ross / Nikki Ross
10Dave Tomaszewski / Bob Hoffman
11Mark ??? / Matt Ott
12Rob D'Allesandro / Ed Sinkler
13Devon Frederick / Mike Herman
14Joe Lynn / Craig Hoch
15Joe Klosky / Brian Frederick
16Jesse Mead / Mandy Rally

Tournament Level: B

Thanks to Dr John Duesler Jr for the results.

 We had 16 teams, so we divided then into two pools of eight (with the teams
 being ranked first).  Those eight teams played a round robin in each pool
 (games to 11), and the top two from each pool advanced to the semis.  The
 top team in pool A played the second team in pool B, and visa versa (games
 to 15).  The winners of each game played in the finals and the loosers
 battled it out for 3rd and 4th.
 The finals were awesome, as Toddy and John gave up a 13-9 lead, loosing
 17-15 to Cotter and Greg.  Ironically, Cotter and Greg came all the way down
 from NE just to exact their revenge from the NE Overalls two months ago.
 - Dr John Duesler Jr