So Cal DDC League March 2000

03/26/00 in San Diego, CA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Harvey Brandt / Conrad Damon
2Tony Pellicane / John Greensage
3Mark Horn / Snapper Pierson
4Blair Paulsen / John Kirkland
5Tom Gleason / Peter Laubert

Tournament Level: A

 Greetings to all who made it to SD this past weekend and
 thanks for showing. To those who did not make it, too bad,
 you missed some great DDC and wonderful weather.
 We had 8 people show for action on Saturday and did random
 drawing for the afternoon until almost everyone had an
 opportunity to play with everyone else at least once.
 Attendees were: Blair, Conrad, Gee, John K., John G., Rick,
 Tom Gleason (welcome back), and myself. Some great and well
 matched play.
 On Sunday we had the following teams:  Tom Gleason and Peter
 Laubert, Blair and John K., Snapper and Mark, Tony Pellicane
 and John G., and Conrad and Harvey. We did a 5 team round
 robin after which Tom and Peter had to go and freestyle. So
 we did a 4 team round robin. At that point, Conrad and
 Harvey had gone undefeated and Tony and John G. had only
 lost 1 game to the afore mentioned. Those 2 teams went into
 a best of five final, forgoing the final pool game. Tony and
 John took games 1 and 4, while Conrad and Harv squeaked out
 the victory by winning games 2, 3, and 5. All the scores
 were very tight and some excellent action was observed by
 the small but vocal crowd. So the final results were: C and
 H, T and JG, Snap and Mark, Blair and JK, Tom and Pete. Was
 great to see Peter making a reappearance. Rick Sader
 couldn't make it Sunday but put in great play on Saturday.
 Pete reports the possible return of Bobby Benner to action
 in the future. We can only hope. For those who stayed until
 Monday, there were even a few games THEN. Yes, it was
 crippled DDC.
 -Harvey Brandt