So Cal DDC League April 2000

04/23/00 in San Diego, CA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Snapper Pierson / John Greensage
2Blair Paulsen / Harvey Brandt
3John Kirkland / Rick LeBeau
4G Kirkland / Glenn Lloyd

Tournament Level: A

 I know that we should be reporting on April in Paris, but we
 just haven't gotten there yet. Word IS circulating about the
 $100,000 GameWorld Pro DDC Monthly to be held somewhere
 overseas. I guess John Greensage is the place to go for more
 We did convene, once again, for excellent play and carousing
 at the Green. Saturday brought out a small number to fight
 the wind and hone their skills. Sunday brought better
 weather, almost ideal, but still a rather smallish number of
 teams. Out of towners equaled the number of San Diegoans!
 4 total teams fought it out for greater glory, honor, and
 the deflated orange balloon that was awarded to the top
 team. Rumor has it that a plastic sword was also among
 trophies carried away by some. Teams were:  Greensage and
 Pierson, Brandt and Paulsen, J. Kirkland and LeBeau, G
 Kirkland and Glen.
 Snapper and Greensage effectively ran roughshod over the
 field. One exception was the last game of the double round
 robin pool play, undefeated Snap and John against Q and JK.
 Sadly that game was ended at a score of 8-8 by an
 unfortunate knee injury to Rick LeBeau. Going into that
 final game, Rick and John Kirkland were looking very
 favorable for the finals but may have had to sit through a
 tie-breaker procedure with Blair Paulsen and Harvey Brandt.
 Those 2 teams had split their games and had equal point
 spreads as well. We may have gone to elaborate tie-breaking
 things (Kirkland had some suggestions that can't be
 re-printed) or just had a play-off. If JK and Q had pulled
 the upset, no tie. Instead, the injury sent Blair and Harvey
 into the finals where Snap and John showed outstanding shot
 making, defense, and anything else you wanted to see. Unless
 you were on the opposite court. Blair and Harvey
 Here are the results:
 1-    Greensage and Pierson    6-0    2-0
 2-    Brandt and Paulsen          3-3    0-2
 3-    J. Kirkland and LeBeau    3-3
 4-    G Kirkland and Glen        0-6
 Next meeting is scheduled for May 20th and 21st at the Green
 in San Diego. Let's try to get the word out to those without
 e-mail and to also get a good turnout from those WITH
 e-mail!!!   This will likely be the last opportunity for
 some great practice before the slate of summer tourneys. If
 you want some work before Disc or Die, Aspen, or Masters,
 now is the time. Still wanting to push Saturday's play as a
 co-ed opportunity, IF we get a decent number of women
 players. Otherwise it will be the usual play till you drop
 scene and who wants to see that. See you all in SD. 
 -Harvey Brandt