So Cal DDC League May 2000

05/21/00 in San Diego, CA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Conrad Damon / John Greensage
2Blair Paulsen / John Kirkland
3Snapper Pierson / Harvey Brandt
4G Kirkland / Tom Gleason
5Rick Sader / Glenn Lloyd

Tournament Level: A

 Greetings once again. Our May event was contested by a solid
 5 teams. Prior to the Sunday event we had 10 players show
 for Saturdays action. Unfortunately, we were unable to do
 the co-ed event I had envisioned. Not enough women players
 showed. (Hey Tita and Beth and the rest!!!) Saturday did
 give us outstanding play with superb weather conditions.
 Sunday saw a double round robin amongst the 5 teams. Seeding
 was busted in the early goings as John Kirkland and Blair
 Paulsen (seeded 3rd) blasted through the first half
 undefeated, wasting the first seed Conrad Damon and John
 Greensage, and then the second seed, Harvey Brandt and
 Snapper Pierson. Tom Gleason and Gee Kirkland came out of
 the first half in 4th place and Glen Lloyd and Rick Sader
 were in 5th.
 The second half of the round robin had Brandt and Pierson
 exacting some early revenge on the high flying Kirkland and
 Paulsen, 16-7. It was all for naught as Damon and Greensage
 easily handled Brandt and Pierson for the second time while
 cruising to the finals against Kirkland and Paulsen. Gleason
 and G Kirkland stayed in 4th for the day and Lloyd and
 Sader ended in 5th.
 The finals saw awesome defense from Damon and Greensage
 while dominating the first game 15-2. Kirkland and Paulsen
 kept getting closer in the following 2 games but they ended
 up on the short side of a 3-0 score. Final games were 15-2,
 15-7, and 15-13 in favor of Damon and Greensage. Those two
 will team for Aspen later this summer.
 I put out the word that I wasn't sure if we would have an
 event for June. Tony Pellicane and Snapper have stepped up
 and will run an event on June 11th at Miramar in Northern
 San Diego. I believe they will put out more details in he
 Final results:
 1    Damon and Greensage        6-1    3-0
 2    Kirkland and Paulsen          6-1    0-3
 3    Brandt and Pierson              5-3
 4    Gleason and G Kirkland    2-6
 5    Lloyd and Sader                   0-8
 - Harvey Brandt