So Cal DDC League May 2001

05/20/01 in San Diego, CA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Conrad Damon / Tony Pellicane
2Rick LeBeau / Snapper Pierson
3John Kirkland / John Greensage
4G Kirkland / Blair Paulsen
5Harvey Brandt / John Schiller

Tournament Level: A

 I have been remiss in passing on the results from this past weekend's
 event. But if you REALLY cared, you would have tried to be there
 yourself. Right, Beth and Tita? I certainly hope you two are showing at
 Masters and WFDF or there will be big trouble.
 Anyway, I probably also was forgetting to get the info out due to my
 team's rather uninspiring finish. I think we made the top 5 but not much
 better. Here it is as best I can remember after the pounding we took.
 5 teams were in attendance for Sunday. We also had a good turnout on
 Saturday and some remains of the day on Monday. It was a very heavy
 field with three teams you will likely see in the semis at this summer's
 WFDF event in San Diego. What a surprise that most all of those teams
 are from SD, the exception being Conrad Damon. We did a double round
 robin with some teams winning and others losing, records were sketchy.
 When all was said and done, these were the results
 1-    Damon and Pellicane
 2-    LeBeau and Pierson
 3-    Greensage and J. Kirkland
 4-    G. Kirkland and Paulsen
 5-    Brandt and Schiller
 Quite windy on Sunday made play a little messy at times. Though there
 were some exchanges that were remarkable, very high level play from
 everyone. Saturday even brought Peter Laubert for some very good action.
 He is actively seeking a DDC partner for WFDF, by the way. Monday was
 the best weather of all the days. Next monthly to be held on June 17th.
 Contact some of the SD folks for particulars. It is just a week prior to
 Masters, so some are not going to make it out to SD.
 If you are old enough, get thee to Masters, and don't forget to stay
 around for Aspen the following weekend. Details of all that through the
 Wrightlife <<>>  or at the Masters web site.
 <<>> will get you there.
 Latest partnering news:  Kaili Young and Judy Robbins will be pairing up
 for Masters, bringing up the possibility of some great Women's DDC
 action. Already paired are one of last year's Women's champs, Amanda
 Carreiro, with one of the rising Women's stars, Gee Kirkland. Kaili and
 Judy were finalists in the '96 US Open. Also expected to show in CO (are
 you reading this Beth and Tita?) are Verish and Ugalde, finalists in
 last year's Masters as well as in the 1999 WFDF in Sweden. Play on.
 -Harvey Brandt