US Open

07/15/08 - 07/19/08 in Reading, PA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Harvey Brandt / Dave Hesselberth
2Jim Herrick / Rick LeBeau
3Mark Horn / Scott Zimmerman
4Jon Cohn / Al Bonopane
5Dan Roddick / Paul Thompson
6Andy Lemann / Rick Williams
7Jeff Kennedy / Cotter Michaels
8Dale Crawford / Dan Berman
9Merrill Detweiler / Jim Palmeri
10Spencer Herrick / Doug Korns
11Jeff Palmeri / Kevin Palmeri

WOMEN Division

Place Team
1Tita Ugalde / Beth Verish
2Mary-Grace Sorrentino / Susie Horn

Tournament Level: D

Thanks to Harvey Brandt for the results.

 Always one of the premier events at the big overall tourneys, and even with a 
 smallish field, this year was no exception. Old names like Al Bonopane and 
 Scott Zimmerman were brought out to join players ranked high in the world 
 standings, such as Rick LeBeau, Dave Hesselberth, Jon Cohn, and Mark Horn. 
 Pool action on a couple of levels brought us to the semi choice which had a 
 lot to do with determining which two teams would meet in the finals. Dave 
 Hesselberth / Harvey Brandt won that choice by going undefeated in the top 
 level pool. That allowed them to choose Jon Cohn / Al Bonopane in the semis. 
 Making the other semi match up a high powered show down between Mark Horn / 
 Scott Zimmerman and Rick LeBeau / Jim Herrick. Dave and Harvey won in two 
 straight games and then settled in as Rick and Jim won the first game of a 
 best of three, only to have Mark and Scott rally for a victory in game two.
  It was a hard fought and skillfully played match to the end as eventually 
 too many errors gave the win to Rick and Jim. Scott Z still has what it takes 
 to be one of the top DDC players and it was great to see him out on the 
 court once again.
 Then it became an all out battle in the finals. Dave and Harvey looked like 
 they were on cruise control, taking the first of the best of five. But Rick 
 and Jim dominated games two and three and seemed in total control. Dave and 
 Harvey had to rally back and took a big lead in game four only to see Rick 
 and Jim whittle the lead away. Dave and Harvey finally put away game four. 
 Game five was almost a repeat of game four, losing big lead but finally 
 ending it with a victory for Dave and Harvey. All told, Rick and Jim were 
 out on the courts for almost five hours. Jim wore every shirt he owned as 
 the heat and humidity were a huge factor. The Women's division saw only two 
 teams this year, with Beth Verish and Tita Ugalde dominating Susie Horn and 
 Marygrace Clark in the finals.