2000 Virginia States

04/08/00 - 04/09/00 in Arlington, VA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Carlton Howard / Dave Hesselberth
2Dave Griffin / Randy Lahm
3Brian Meigs / Dave Taylor
4Eric Wootten / Harvey Brandt
5Phil Cappa / Richard Paschal
6Jack Cooksey / Jack Stanton
7Jenn Griffin / Jim Gaarder

WOMEN Division

Place Team
1Amber Hoffman / Jenn Griffin

Tournament Level: B

 DDC made a great showing at the recent VA States
 Championships in Fredericksburg. Played in a gusty and
 swirling wind on Friday afternoon, 7 teams showed for this
 years test. It was decided to play a double round robin of
 all teams and then take the top 2 to the finals. The top
 five teams showed remarkably even play, with the NC team of
 Carlton Howard and Dave Hesselberth showing a definite
 superior edge. DDC is alive and well in NC with another
 team, of Phil Cappa and Richard Causa (or something, I've
 forgotten the correct spelling or even the pronunciation)
 giving several teams competitive games.
 Howard and Hesselberth cruised into the finals with only a
 single loss to Randy Lahm and Dave Griffin. The final game
 of the round robin found Lahm and Griffin needing a victory
 over defending VA champs Eric Wootten and yours truly to make
 it into the finals. A victory by Wootten and Brandt would put
 them in. Coming from a 10-11 deficit, Lahm and Griffin
 scored the final 5 points to take the match. Alas, they must
 have expended too much getting there and fell to Howard and
 Hesselberth. The first game of the finals was close, 15-13,
 with Carlton and Dave easily taking the second.
 Final results are as follows, if memory serves correctly.
 And I hope Dave Taylor will correct anything I missed so
 1- Carlton Howard and Dave Hesselberth    11-1        2-0
 2- Dave Griffin and Randy Lahm                  8-4
 3-  Brian Meigs and Dave Taylor                   7-5
 4-  Eric Wootten and Harvey Brandt               7-5
 5-  Phil Cappa and Richard
 6-  Jack Cooksey and Jack Stanton and Bob Cooksey  4-8
 7-   Jennifer Griffin and Jim Gaarder             0-12
 Next year be sure to show as DDC will become an overall
 points event for the 25th annual VA States tourney. DDC play
 will be on Friday, dates are tentatively set for April
 20-22, 2001. Be there or surely you will be missing one of
 the outstanding overall experiences available today.
 -Harvey Brandt