Virginia States

04/13/01 in Arlington, VA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Harvey Brandt / John Schiller
2Dave Hesselberth / Carlton Howard
3Paul Hobson / Dave Taylor
4Eric Olsen / Eric Wootten
5Randy Lahm / Brian Meigs
6Phil Cappa / Richard Paschal
7Toddy Brodeur / Jim Gaarder
8Shahid Islam / Dave Steger
8Dave Griffin / Jenn Griffin

Tournament Level: B

 Mores the pity, if you were unable to make the recent 4th Annual VA
 States DDC event. As in the previous years, a good turnout of east coast
 players, augmented by some out of towners. Actually, many of the now out
 of towners are former locals. But that is for another telling.
 We had another bright day with moderate but shifting winds. A total of 9
 teams made it out for the pre overall DDC festivities.
 In pool A, there was much tumult with the 4th seeded team of (overall
 tourney director) Eric Olsen and Eric Wootten breaking ranks right out of
 the gate and putting a big hurt on the number 2 seed of Randy Lahm and
 Brian Meigs. That upset eventually led to a three way tie for
 advancement to the semis. Eric and Eric advanced on point differential.
 Pool results below. In pool B, things went more to form.
 Pool A, ranked by finish with original pool seed in ()
 1-    (1) David Hesselberth and Carlton Howard
 2T-    (4) Eric Olsen and Eric Wootten
 2T-    (2) Randy Lahm and Brian Meigs
 2T-    (3) Phil Cappa and Richard Paschal
 5-    (5)    Dave Griffin and Jennifer Griffin
 Pool B
 1-    (1) Harvey Brandt and John Schiller
 2-    (2) Paul Hobson and Dave Taylor
 3-    (4) Toddy Brodeur and Jim Gaarder
 4-    (3) Shahid Islam and Dave Steger
 The top 2 teams from each pool advanced to a round robin semi. With an
 impending overall event looming but hours away, several of the other
 teams decided to either watch, go golf, play a little more DDC, or just
 drink beer.
 Semi results were very close. Hesselberth and Howard just squeaked by
 Hobson and Taylor, rallying from a 14-15 deficit to score the last 3
 points and win 17-15. Brandt and Schiller handled the frazzled Hobson
 and Taylor in the very next game, effectively setting up the finals
 between the original top two seeds.
 In the best of 3 finals match, Brandt and Schiller would build a lead to
 see Hesselberth and Howard just whittle it away. Despite a very nasty
 left thumb injury, Carlton Howard put on a nifty display of quick
 releases and front tips. Brandt and Schiller eventually prevailed in the
 first game by only 22-20, then won the second game 21-18, and then
 mounted a ferocious comeback after falling way behind in the third to
 just fall short by a score of 19-21. After the third and decisive game,
 all parties agreed that since it was originally 2 of 3 anyway, Brandt
 and Schiller had actually won the event after the second game. The beer
 Many kudos to Dave Taylor for running this event for the 4th year. He
 not only organized the thing and made the very nice pottery trophies, he
 put in substantial seed money out of his own pocket. It is believed that
 first place in DDC received the highest payout of the entire overall
 weekend! Same time and place next year. Second weekend in April providing 
 it isn't Easter. DDC on Friday.
 Your humble court reporter, HYB