Virginia States

04/11/03 in Fredericksburg, VA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Dave Hesselberth / Carlton Howard
2Paul Hobson / John Schiller
3Randy Lahm / Dave Taylor
4Harvey Brandt / Jon Cohn
5Eric Wootten / Dave Steger
6Phil Cappa / Dale Crawford
7Kraig Steffen / Ernie Willvonseder
8Cotter Michaels / Greg Korth
9Tim Cohn / Bethany Sanchez
10Eddy Cohn / Joey Cohn
11Louie Cohn / Jim Gaarder
12Steve Dodge / Rabah Sbitani

Tournament Level: B

Thanks to Harvey Brandt for the results.

 Ah, the wonder of Virginia in the spring time. Driving in from BWI on 
 Thursday night in a torrential downpour, one had to wonder if this 
 would be the first time in six years that DDC would get clobbered. 
 Amazingly enough, Friday dawned cloudy and a little rainy. But it did 
 then clear into just cloudy and cold and the DDC was upon us. Everyone 
 had about as many clothes as they could wear and still move around, we 
 let the action warm us.
 A total of twelve teams played, with the overall level being the best 
 ever. Seeding was as follows:
 Pool A-
 1-	Dave Hesselberth and Carlton Howard - defending champs
 2-	Randy Lahm and Dave Taylor
 3-	Greg Korth and Cotter Michaels
 4-	Phil Cappa and Dale Crawford
 5-	Tim Cohn and Bethany Sanchez (w)
 6-	Steve Dodge and Rabah Sbitani
 Pool B-
 1-	Paul Hobson and John Schiller
 2- 	Harvey Brandt and Jon Cohn
 3-	Kraig Steffen and Ernie Willvonseder
 4-	Dave Steger and Eric Wootten and Eric Olsen
 5-	Louie Cohn (w) and Jim Gaarder
 6-	Eddy Cohn and Joey Cohn (juniors)
 In each pool, the number two seeds dumped the number one seeds and then 
 the number four seeds dumped the number three seeds. With three teams 
 advancing into the round robin semi, the critical turn was for the 
 third spot. In pool A it was actually a tie breaker between the number 
 3, 4, and 5 seeds to determine that last spot. The weird pairing (?) in 
 pool B was because Eric Olsen is the overall tourney director and 
 needed to run off early to do tourney stuff. Dave Steger filled in with 
 great skill.
 So in the semi pool, the earlier upset bids got turned back around. 
 Number one (original) seeds Hesselberth and Howard went through the 
 semi undefeated, Hobson and Schiller avenged the pool loss to Brandt 
 and Cohn and only lost to the top team. This set up the final of 
 Hesselberth and Howard, looking for their third VA win, second in a 
 row, and that upstart Colorado team of Hobson and Schiller.
 Semi pool A
 1-	Hesselberth and Howard	5-0
 2-	Hobson and Schiller	4-1
 3-	Lahm and Taylor		3-2
 4-	Brandt and Cohn		2-3   (yes, what a collapse)
 5-	Steger and Wootten and Olsen	1-4
 6-	Cappa and Crawford		0-5   (the surprise team)
 In Semi pool B
 7-	Steffen and Willvonseder		4-0
 8-	Korth and Michaels		3-1   (that was for CT bragging rights!)
 9-	T. Cohn and Sanchez		2-2
 10-	E. Cohn and J. Cohn		1-3
 11-	L. Cohn and Gaarder		0-4
 12-	Dodge and Sbitani	did not play this round
 Alas, the finals brought a pummeling like that last seen in the AZ 
 State finals last November as H and H took out the CO boys 15-7 and 
 All in all a huge success for DDC on the east coast. It is becoming the 
 AZ of the other side of the country, as we also got two courts going on 
 Monday morning after the distraction of the overall event. Eventually 
 we had beautiful, sunny weather for the rest of the weekend. Look for 
 it next year, see you all soon.
 Coming up, monthlies in San Diego for April 26/27 and then again May 
 17/18. If you need more info, holler. Have heard that Dave Hesselberth 
 will make an appearance for the April event and that old timer Randy 
 Aiu will show up for the May event. Should be great. Don't forget about 
 Disc or Die, Masters Overall, World Disc Games and the Kiss the Sky.