Virginia States

04/13/12 in Fredericksburg, VA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Randy Aiu / Conrad Damon
2Dave Hesselberth / Rick LeBeau
3Carlton Howard / Dieter Johansson
3Dave Taylor / Drew Preiss
5Harvey Brandt / Jim Elsner
6Mark Horn / Chris Horn
7Sam Kaye / Scott Zimmerman
8John Elsner / Jeff Woessner
9Paul Brenner / Jon Cohn
10Randy Lahm / Richard Paschal
11Stewart Hubbs / Peter Andrews
12Bill Wright / Jim Gaarder
13Nathan Joswiak / Gus Webb
14Eric Olsen / Eric Wootten
15Ryan Olsen / Hunter Wootten
16Ashton Lewis / Mitchell Minford
17Jack Stanton / Donnie Wallace
18Arthur Coddington / Jake Gauthier
19Leo Rohr / Glen Todd
20Tom Coffin / Steve Dodge
21Jeff Korns / Robert McLeod
22Jared Todd / Tyler Todd
23Pat Todd / Todd Walton
24Phil Cappa / Dale Crawford
24Kevin Tiernan / Shahid Islam
24Alan Koechlein / Richard Koechlein

WOMEN Division

Place Team
1Bethany Sanchez
2Lori Daniels
3Susie Horn
4Terry Frank

Tournament Level: C

Thanks to Harvey Brandt for the results.

 I know some of you will get this three times, but I am posting to
 several of my lists in order to ensure it spreads.
 VA States brought at huge group of top flight DDC players together for
 the 15th version of DDC at this overall event. It was also the 36th
 Annual VA States Overall.  A total of 26 teams were entered. I won't
 be going into all the pools or stats as you can find that in a PDF
 file here:
 (Huge warning - due to Apple's decision to bail out on their support
 of the iWeb application and web hosting, all my web sites as currently
 offered will disappear on June 30. I will be finding a way to move
 them to another host but that is still in progress.)
 On to the competition. In most player's minds, the top two spots were
 pretty assured - the team of top seed Dave Hesselberth and Rick LeBeau
 (DDC champs in 2010) and second seed Randy Aiu and Conrad Damon. After
 that, anyone's guess. In the fight for the top 10, there was only one
 upset. The 11th seeded team of former (way former) World Champs Paul
 Brenner and Jon Cohn edged out 10th seed Peter Andrews and Stewart
 Hubbs. Once the top 10 got started the fun ensued.  Top two seeds kept
 their path to the semis under control. Number 3 seed Carlton Howard
 and Dieter Johansson (Dieter is DDC slumming in the US from his home
 country of Sweden) early on took control of the third spot in the
 semis, taking out 4 seed Harvey Brandt and Jim Elsner and upsetting
 number 2 seed Damon / Aiu (their only 10 pool loss). After that, the
 race for the fourth spot in the semis was tough. Four teams had
 realistic shots as the long day wore on. Sam Kaye and Scot Zimmerman
 looked great at times but lost some close games to drop off the pace,
 finishing 7th. Chris Horn and his dad, Mark also were contenders but
 lost some important and close games, ending up 6th. the key game late
 in the day was between Brandt / Elsner and Drew Preiss and Dave
 Taylor. At that point (7th round) it appeared that the victor would
 have the semis in their control. True to that, Preiss / Taylor won a
 very tight game, 15-13 and looked solid. Their next match was against
 the "old folks" Brenner / Cohn and they almost blew it, rallying from
 a 8-12 deficit to win 15-13.  So the semis gave us Aiu / Damon picking
 Preiss / Taylor, and sending Hesselberth / LeBeau against Howard /
 Johansson. Both lower seeded teams gave the higher teams very tough
 first games, but did lose those games. The second game in each match
 went much easier for the top seeds.  The finals were played under a
 lowering sun, very light winds, and good field conditions. (The game
 conditions were about as good as VA gets for the entire day.) In a
 very tense and close first game, with some great shot making, extended
 rallies, and athletic action, Aiu / Damon came from several points
 down to tie it at 21. The game went to the maximum points allowed with
 Aiu / Damon holding on for a 25-23 victory. The second game in the
 best of three was also close throughout with the same level of
 action. Aiu / Damon held for a 22-18 victory and the title. This was
 Conrad's bazilionth DDC title world wide, but Randy's first really
 major title. Kudos to both.
 Of note is the fact that the Raleigh area DDC pod (Double Trouble,
 Triangle DDC, whatever name they go by) sent three players to the
 semis this year, all with non-Raleigh partners (Hesselberth, Howard,
 Preiss). And other Raleigh players were sprinkled throughout the top
 10. In addition, the team of Andrews / Hubbs took out their
 frustration of missing the top 10 by going undefeated in the "B" pool,
 12-0. If you need a place to relocate that has great disc action, this
 seems to fit the bill. In addition, Carlton has put on a wonderful DDC
 event each September for the past 5 years. See the web site for more
 info on this years version.
 Proving that great DDC players are usually great overall players, here
 are the top overall finishers from the VA States overall (best of my
 1- Dave Hesselberth (third title)
 2- Harvey Brandt (former champ)
 3- Chris Horn (former champ)
 4- Conrad Damon
 5T- Sam Kaye and Scott Zimmerman (former and defending champ)
 That's it for now, see everyone at the US Open for the next DDC blow out.