West Coast DDC Championships

10/07/17 in Sunnyvale, CA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Conrad Damon / Eric Prather
2Arthur Coddington / Cade Loving
3Juliana Korver / Rick Lebeau
4Peter Albers / Leonard Muise
5Maurice Cinquini / Doug Kantor
6Doug Korns / Beth Verish

Tournament Level: C

 Whatever you call it - the relocated gazillionth AZ States, the third or so West Coast, or the inaugural Bay Area DDC
 Championships - last weekend's tournament was a lot of fun. Each of the two sub-tournaments - pairs on Saturday and KOC
 on Sunday - had a dozen players. We were treated to sunny skies and perfect temperatures. The wind started out very mild
 day and increased to somewhat breezy, a bit stronger on Sunday.
 Our traveling players:
 Rick Lebeau and Juliana Korver came up from San Diego (via Portland). Cade Loving came down from Anchorage. Beth Verish
 came up from the Los Angeles area. Special mention to Doug Kantor, who moved west from the DC area a couple of weeks ago
 and will be a welcome new addition to the Bay Area pod.
 On Saturday we played a double round-robin among the six teams (in order of seeding):
 1 Rick Lebeau / Juliana Korver
 2 Arthur Coddington / Cade Loving
 3 Eric Prather / Conrad Damon
 4 Leonard Muise / Peter Albers
 5 Beth Verish / Doug Korns
 6 Maurice Cinquini / Doug Kantor
 Every team won at least one game. Leonard and Peter were the most unpredictable team, combining losses to the two teams
 seeded below them with wins against the top two teams. It was great seeing Doug on the court again after some time out
 with back issues.
 As the second round of play went into its final two rounds, the top three teams were battling for the two finals spots,
 with Arthur/Cade having the edge. They won out, including a win against Rick/Juliana, who also lost a close game to
 After round robin play, records were:
 1 Arthur/Cade	  	9-1
 2 Eric/Conrad		7-3
 3 Rick/Juliana		6-4
 4 Leonard/Peter		5-5
 5 D Kantor/Maurice	3-7
 6 Beth/D Korns		1-9
 The finals (two of three to 15) were a bit odd. The deciding game was played first, a back-and-forth game that became
 increasingly exciting toward the end. After going down 11-13, Cade and Arthur took the next three points to get
 themselves to game point. After an escape, Eric and I were out of position when a lead out of the counterattack came
 into the back of the court. Eric called for the switch, tipped us out, and we got the point to keep the game going. At
 15-14 I was left in the front half of the court and opted for a solo attack, getting an offside one-finger burn past a
 lunging Arthur. In the next two games, each team took turns pulling a disappearing act. Neither was close at any
 point. Arthur and Cade dominated the second game 15-5, and Eric and I returned the favor in game three to take the
 Saturday evening featured a fun get-together at Conrad's house, with many grilled things, snacks, drinks, and board games.