West Coast DDC Championships (KOC)

10/08/17 in Sunnyvale, CA

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Conrad Damon
2Rick Lebeau
3Arthur Coddington
4Eric Prather
5Cade Loving
6Maurice Cinquini
7Peter Albers
8Juliana Korver
9Rick Moody
10Lars Vinberg
11Beth Verish
12Doug Korns

Tournament Level: B

 I was happy to see good numbers for Sunday's KOC, as there's often a
 drop-off after a full day of play. We lost Leonard and Doug Kantor to
 other commitments, and gained local pod player Lars Vinberg and local
 jammer Rick Moody. As usual, Cade Loving did an excellent job managing
 the pools. Four players play a mini round-robin in a pod, and then new
 seeds are assigned based on the results. After three rounds of pod
 play, the A finals came down to Conrad, Rick L, Arthur, and Eric. The
 B finals were expanded to five players: Cade, Maurice, Peter, Juliana,
 and Rick M. By this point it was fairly windy, though it did stop
 occasionally. There were still a lot of good rallies in the A final,
 with well-executed escapes and hot burns. The results followed seeding
 order, with the first three positions coming down to point