Wisconsin State Frisbee Championships

08/13/05 - 08/14/05 in Madison, WI

OPEN Division

Place Team
1Andy Lemann / John Elsner
2Bethany Sanchez / Dave Bolyard
3Brad Wendt / Chris Sieben
3Don Hoffman / Don Hunkel

Tournament Level: B

Thanks to Bethany Sanchez for the results.

 We had a GREAT time last weekend, playing DDC in Madison at the 30th Annual Wisconsin State Overall Frisbee Championships.  We had 10 teams, and at least half a dozen people told me that they were really happy to get more experience playing DDC and that they'd like the opportunity to play some more!  As 'Ski would say, "You gotta be happy with that!"
 Attached are the results from the tournament, separated out by division.  However, I'll need to get back to you with the complete rundown of the DDC results.  Despite the fact that all teams played against each other in two pools (all divisions mixed together and some teams had players from more than one division), then had a crossover semi and a final, the spreadsheet shows only how each individual did as compared to the others in their division. 
 Here's what I remember of the DDC results:
    1. Andrew Lemann and John Elsner
    2. Bethany Sanchez and Dave Bolyard
 I'm not sure if they played off for 3rd and 4th or not, but the other two 
 teams in the Semi-finals were Brad Wendt and Chris Sieben, and Duster Don 
 Hoffman and Don Hunkel.
 Eric Drummond took the overall title in the Open Division by half a point, 
 edging out the win over his mentor, Andrew Lemann (who won Distance and DDC 
 despite back and leg pain), and received the coveted silver Challis Chalice.  
 Of special note was Woody Wendt's crushing Open Division win in MTA (12 
 Barrett White, a sunny Ultimate player and disc golfer from Illinois, won the 
 women's overall title, with first place finishes in Golf, Discathon, Distance,
  and Accuracy.  I placed second, Karen Wendt was third and Kim Keen was 
 fourth.  Don Hunkel won the Masters Overall, Duster Hoffman won the 
 Grandmasters Overall, Andrew Van Lanen won the Juniors Overall, and Brian 
 Kielar won the Amateur Division Overall.
 Brad and Karen Wendt ran a wonderful tournament, providing two great venues 
 (Elver Park and Heistand Park), very nice commemorative polo-type shirts with 
 the 30th Annual logo, pizza, salad, beers and sodas on Saturday night, and 
 lots of smiles and hugs for all.  These two have more than ably run the 
 tournament for many years, and are now handing the baton to the folks in 
 Sheboygan, who will have a crack at it next year.
 I'm quite certain that I speak for anyone who has ever attended a tournament 
 run by the Wendts in saying that we are immensely grateful to them for all 
 the work they have put in.  They always pull off a fun, well-run event, 
 infused with lots of love for the competitors and the sport.  THANK YOU, Brad 
 and Karen!