DDC at the 2016 US Open in Santa Cruz, CA

Play starts at 1:00 on Thursday July 7 on the lower UCSC athletic fields. Since there are only three women's teams, the current plan is to include them in the initial round. We will likely limit the round robin in the second round to 8 teams rather than the usual 10.

Bringing courts (thanks!): Jack Cooksey, Sam Kaye, Beth Verish, Rick Lebeau, Lori Daniels, Mark Horn, Arthur Coddington, Ron Vingerelli, Andy Lemann (2), Bill Wright (2), Jeff Shelton, Tita Ugalde, Conrad Damon (2)

Confirmed Teams: Open

SeedTeamPlayer PointsTeam Points
1Conrad Damon / David Hesselberth3364.5 / 3259.856624.35
2Rick LeBeau / Sam Kaye3018.37 / 2647.525665.89
3Scott Zimmerman / Dave Taylor2470.35 / 2098.064568.41
4John Elsner / Jim Elsner1622.11 / 2412.944035.05
5Tom Cole / Jack Cooksey1083.49 / 2100.53183.99
6Ronnie Vingerelli / Mark Horn902.25 / 2041.382943.63
7Jason Koonts / Randy Lahm964.06 / 1577.872541.93
8Arthur Coddington / Blair Paulsen1344.5 / 779.252123.75
9Bill Wright / Jonas Bengtsson771.42 / 904.551675.97
10Rob McLeod / Jeff Shelton569.5 / 745.51315
11Jim Herrick / Spencer Herrick340.31 / 145.83486.14
12Rick Williams / Paul Thompson299.33 / 133.26432.59
13Jim Gaarder / Deano Porter392.18 / 14.03406.21
14Doug Korns / Michael Conger188.82 / 40.59229.41
15Tobias Cole / Evan Walridge107.56 / 21.4128.96
16Jeff Freeman / Glen Whitlock* / 84.0784.07
17Ethan Lahm / Randy Lahm Jr5.45 / 5.4510.90

Confirmed Teams: Women

SeedTeamPlayer PointsTeam Points
1Juliana Korver / Beth Verish608.25 / 1344.731952.98
2Lori Daniels / Didi Elsner763.58 / 256.941020.52
3Susie Horn / Mindy Ahler20.16 / 0.1220.28

Needs Partner List

Preliminary Pool Assignments

Note: This is preliminary in both senses. If we get enough Open teams (at least 20), we will consider moving to 10-team pools in the second round.

Note: Since there are only three women's teams, they have been added to the first round to give them more games and some varied opponents. The women's teams have been added after the open teams so as to preserve the seeding-based matchups.

SeedPool APool BPool CPool D
1Conrad Damon / David HesselberthRick LeBeau / Sam KayeScott Zimmerman / Dave TaylorJohn Elsner / Jim Elsner
2Arthur Coddington / Blair PaulsenJason Koonts / Randy LahmRonnie Vingerelli / Mark HornTom Cole / Jack Cooksey
3Bill Wright / Jonas BengtssonRob McLeod / Jeff SheltonJim Herrick / Spencer HerrickRick Williams / Paul Thompson
4Jeff Freeman / Glen WhitlockTobias Cole / Evan WalridgeDoug Korns / Michael CongerJim Gaarder / Deano Porter
5Ethan Lahm / Randy Lahm JrJuliana Korver / Beth VerishLori Daniels / Tita UgaldeSusie Horn / Mindy Ahler

Tournament Format: Open

Prelims: After the end of the preliminary play, teams in each pool will be ranked with women's teams disregarded. The top two teams from each pool advance to Round Robin Pool A. The third and fourth place teams advance to Round Robin Pool B.

Quarterfinals: Pool A and Pool B each play an eight-team round robin. The top four teams in Pool A advance to the Semifinals. The top-finishing teams chooses their semifinal opponent from among the next three teams.

Semifinals: Each semifinal is played as best two out of three games to 21. Winners advance to Finals.

Finals: Three out of five games to 15.

Tournament Format: Women

Semifinals: Double round-robin, games to 15.

Finals: Two out of three games to 15.