DDC Picture Gallery

These are mostly pictures that friends of mine took and then later gave to me because, well, they have me in them. Personally, I'd like to see a bit more variety. If you have any good DDC pictures, especially ones without me in them, send me mail.

Below is a list of tournaments that have pictures (or movies), with the most recent tournaments at the top. Each tournament page will have thumbnails of its pictures with links to a page for each picture.

2007 Swedish Championships at Varnamo 1 video
2004 King Of The Court (San Diego, CA) 9 pictures
2004 Virginia States (Fredericksburg, VA) 2 pictures
2003 King Of The Court (San Diego, CA) 10 pictures
2003 World Disc Games (Santa Cruz, CA) 8 pictures
2002 Masters (Worcester, MA) 2 pictures
2002 Disc Or Die (Fort Collins, CO) 2 movies
2002, San Diego (monthlies) 2 pictures
2002 Connecticut States (Norwalk, CT) 3 pictures
2001 WFDF Overall Championships (San Diego, CA) 4 pictures
2001 New England Championships (Foxboro, MA) 3 pictures
2000 Connecticut States (Norwalk, CT) 2 pictures
1999 WFDF Overall Championships (Kalmar, Sweden) 17 pictures
1997 Smithsonian Frisbee Festival (Washington, DC) 1 picture
1996 Arizona States (Phoenix, AZ) 4 pictures
1995 Arizona States (Phoenix, AZ) 5 pictures
1993 WFDF Overall Championships (San Diego, CA) 2 pictures
1992 U.S. Open (Fort Collins, CO) 2 pictures
1988 US Open 1 video (mostly discathon)
1987 U.S. Open (La Mirada, CA) 1 picture
1982 Eastern Regionals (Manassas, VA) 1 picture
1980 San Diego 3 pictures
Miscellaneous 2 pictures