The finals of the 2012 US Open were filmed by Rick LeBeau. His nicely edited version is available here:

2012 US Open

This year, the world title in DDC was awarded at the US Open. The finals were played in Chase Palm Park near the Santa Barbara pier. The wind was fairly strong, about 10-12 mph, but very steady, which made it playable. To get an idea of the wind, look at the flag in the background. That steady wind is why there's a bit less variety in the throws than there is normally.


A0 solo attack shot during impasse
A1 lead
A2 attack shot following lead
R rally (initiation) shot
S serve
Q quick off
o out
d drop
du disc was untouched and landed in
dt dropped or bad tip

Game 1

CD/CK DH/RL Scoring play How Notes
1 0 RL scoober burn short A2-o
1 1 CD lets low bh lead land in A1-du well-timed attack
2 1 RL drops lead A1-d
3 1 RL bh burn short A2-o
3 2 CD drops lead as CK tips A2-d
4 2 CD winner - low 2f burn A2-du
5 2 RL lets CD bh off land Q-du
5 4 CD/CK let both shots land in A1-du, A2-du mass confusion; CD thought lead might be out
6 4 RL quick off out Q-o
7 4 CK winner on impasse A0-du
7 5 CD bad tip on high scoober lead A1-dt
7 5 RL lead out, DH throws 2f winner A1-o, A2-du break
9 5 RL/DH doubled on CD sidearm lead, CK 2f lob double
9 6 RL 2f lob winner A2-du CK wonders out loud why he was in the very front of the court
10 6 RL bh off is out Q-o CD forgets to tell CK to hold
10 7 CD drops tip A1-dt
11 7 RL quick off is out Q-o the dreaded double bh attack
12 7 DH spinning quick off is out Q-o CK with a very nice tip of a low 2f burn early in the rally
13 7 DH serve is out S-o
14 7 RL 2f lob is out A2-o
15 7 RL bh burn is short A2-o

Game 2

CD/CK DH/RL Scoring play How Notes
0 2 CK drops tip, CD lets lead land A1-du, A2-dt wrong call by CD, should have been Tip instead of Go
1 2 DH drops tip of CD sidearm attack A2-dt
1 3 CD 2f lob rolls out A2-o the one time I tip the scoober lead, I throw the attack out :(
2 3 DH lets CD 2f burn land A2-du well-timed and low, nothing useful for DH to do with it
2 4 RL 2f offside winner A2-du looks like CK thought it might kick out
3 4 RL lets lead land in A1-du DH tips CD staker burn
3 5 CD drops tip A1-du CD lays out futilely
4 5 DH bad tip of CD 2f burn A2-dt
5 5 CK hook-thumb dump winner A2-du
5 7 CD another bad tip of high scoober lead, CK drops 2f burn A1-dt, A2-d you can hear in Conrad's "Hold" call how annoyed he is with himself
6 7 DH bh burn is short A0-o DH demonstrates conservation of greatness after nice ramp tip of CD sidearm attack
6 8 CK drops tip of RL 2f lob A2-dt Cody goes for a stroll, annoyed with himself
7 8 DH wrist-flip off is out Q-o the wet blanket makes an appearance
8 8 CD 2f winner on impasse A0-du RL left CD short
8 9 CK lets DH 2f lob land in A2-du lead was a RL UD bh, CK took a wrong step trying to get to dump
9 9 DH lets CK hook-thumb lob land in A2-du DH kicks it out for comic relief
10 9 CK 2f winner on impasse A0-du
11 9 DH lefty lead is out A1-o
11 10 CD UD bh off is short Q-o CD had more time
11 11 CD UD bh lead is wide A1-o
11 12 CK UD bh lead is wide A1-o he didn't want me to feel bad
13 12 DH drops tip of CD 2f burn, RL off is wide Q-o, A2-dt here you can see the effect the wind is having on control of tips
13 13 CK hook-thumb dump rolls wide A2-o
13 14 CK 2f attack is wide A2-o
13 14 DH quick off lead goes wide, CK off is short Q-o, Q-o break
15 14 DH/RL doubled when DH tips during spinning RL quick off double CD/CK doubled just before that (after video review - play was very close)
15 15 CK quick bh off from back of court goes long Q-o
16 15 DH catches CD 2f burn and sets it on ground A2-d timing was good, DH not in position to make quick off, burn too low to tip
17 15 RL scoober rolls wide A2-o

Game 3

CD/CK DH/RL Scoring play How Notes
0 1 CK quick off of RL bh burn is short Q-o
1 1 CK winner hard 2f burn A2-du
1 2 CD drops tip as he sprains his ankle A1-dt DH lends CD ankle brace (thanks Dave!)
2 2 DH quick bh off is wide Q-o
3 2 RL drops rally shot R-d rally shot was shallow, RL drooling
4 2 DH 2f lob goes long A2-o
4 3 CK lets DH 2f lob land A2-du Cody with always-popular "What am I doing?!" remark
5 3 RL sneak attack bh is short A0-o RL testing CD's mobility, a sound strategy
5 3 CD drops tip, DH burn slides out long A1-dt, A2-o break
6 3 CD 2f offside winner out of escape A2-du
6 4 CD quick off as CK tips was not there at all Q-o CD limps to pretend it was ankle and not bad positioning
8 4 RL and DH let both shots land A1-du, A2-du Cody throws hard, and that one was well-timed
8 5 CK bad tip of RL 2f burn A2-dt
9 5 DH quick bh off is wide Q-o low-tech Vimeo review says Rick and Dave doubled earlier in point
9 7 CD horrible tip of bh lead, CK off drifts wide A1-dt, Q-o
9 8 CD high bh attack is wide A2-o funny play - RL with way wrong Go call, emergency tip which DH turns and catches
10 8 RL bad tip of bh lead A1-dt
11 8 DH 2f lob slides out long A2-o
12 8 CD 2f winner out of escape A2-du
13 8 CK burns down middle on serve A0-du after restart following mid-air collision
14 8 RL 2f burn short A2-o
14 8 CD loses tip of high scoober lead (again!), DH burn is short A1-dt, A2-o break
15 8 CD sneaks sidearm past RL on serve A0-du had been thinking about doing that for awhile, last chance to find out