Analysis of DDC at the 2016 US Open in Santa Cruz, CA


Here's a quick summary of the scoring in each of the five games:

Game 1

0-1	DH bad tip
1-1	SK wrist flip off is out
2-1	SK lead is deep
2-2	RL scoober dump winner over CD
3-2	SK rally shot wide
4-2	RL two-finger lead wide
5-2	RL solo two-finger burn wide
5-3	DH bails, bad call
7-3	RL/SK doubled, wrong call (Tip, should have been Go)
8-3	SK lead is deep
8-5	DH/CD double bail (DH thinks disc is out, late hold call)
8-6	DH bails on low hyzer lead
9-6	RL bad angle call
9-7	CD bad tip on high two-finger
9-8	DH lead wide
10-8	RL bad tip
11-8	RL two-finger lead wide
13-8	SK two-finger burn long, drops low CD sidearm (burn to protect from CD at front)
13-9	DH two-finger burn short
13-10	CD sidearm serve wide
13-11	CD UD lead wide
13-12	RL bh burn winner vs DH
13-12	SK burn short, DH drops tip
13-13	DH lead is wide
13-14	DH lets RL rally shot land in
13-15	CD drops RL dump

Game 2

1-0	RL bad tip
2-0	SK rally shot deep
2-1	DH lefty sneaker rally shot is short [great rally]
2-2	DH two-finger burn rolls out back (RL/SK were doubled just before)
3-2	RL drops lefty serve
4-2	RL drops a throw (video skipped this point)
4-3	CD drops SK sidearm attack
5-3	SK solo two-finger burn out back
5-4	CD drops SK sidearm attack
5-4	RL bh off is short, SK throws two-finger winner (CD lays out, drops it)
6-4	SK bh off wide
7-4	SK dump is long (good thing - CD picked by DH)
8-4	SK quick bh off is short
8-5	DH bad tip on scoober lead
8-6	DH bails after wrong call (Go called, should have been Tip)
9-6	RL scoober solo burn is short
9-7	CD quick UD off is short (should have tipped)
9-8	CD bh rally shot is wide
9-9	DH bh lead is wide (sat right at line)
9-10	CD lets SK long two-finger burn land in
9-10	CD and SK serves are long
9-11	RL bh burn serve winner in corner
10-11	RL bails after double tip
10-12	CD lets RL flat two-finger go, it is just in
11-12	RL bails on lead, it lands in (great rally, triple tip escape by DH/CD)
12-12	SK short bh burn
13-12	CD dump winner over SK (preceded by narrow escape with good milk by CD)
13-13	DH bails on lead after misread
13-14	DH short two-finger burn (from front line, doh)
14-14	RL bails on lead after switchy solo burn
14-14	DH bad tip, RL dump goes long
14-16	DH/CD doubled after extremely ill-advised and poorly thrown CD burn on serve

Game 3

[Note the two figures walking on the hill behind the courts. That's my family. My son Nick was too upset after the first two games to keep watching.]

0-0	RL bails on UD lead, DH two-finger burn short
1-0	SK quick wrist-flip off is short
2-0	CD solo two-finger burn winner dropped by RL
4-0	RL/SK doubled on hard two-finger, SK off not in time
5-0	RL bad brush tip
6-0	SK bh burn long
7-0	CD solo two-finger winner offside
8-0	RL two-finger lead is wide
9-0	RL quick bh off is short (very close to double)
9-1	CD bad tip
10-1	RL bad tip
10-3	CD late/no call, double bail (bad positioning kills)
11-3	RL bad tip
11-4	CD bad tip of steep scoober
11-5	CD bails on lead after overturned double call (it was two)
12-5	RL solo bh burn is short
13-5	RL takes long way, does not catch rally shot
13-6	DH bh serve is long
13-7	DH bh lead is wide
15-7	RL/SK doubled on lefty+sidearm attack

Game 4

0-1	CD two-finger off lead is wide
1-1	RL dropped tip (may have been two if dropped disc touched RL)
1-2	CD lets short lead land in
2-2	SK very quick off is wide (had time with RL's tip)
2-3	DH quick wrist flip off is wide (nice catch of hard RL two-finger)
3-3	SK bh serve is long
3-4	RL scoober dump winner over DH
4-4	SK bh off is short
4-4	CD tip dropped as RL scoober dump is wide (CD picked by DH)
4-5	CD calls angle, retracts call and lets it land in
5-5	RL bails on lead (well-timed attack)
5-6	DH lefty rally shot is wide
6-6	RL bh burn on serve is short
8-6	Double drop by RL/SK on counterattack
9-6	SK lefty rally shot is long
11-6	SK drops DH lefty rally shot as RL throws bh lead wide
12-6	CD solo offside winner
12-7	DH offside just short (as SK barrels through RL)
14-7	RL bad tip, SK off is wide (lefty+sidearm attack)
15-7	CD solo dump dropped by SK

Game 5

1-0	RL drops rally shot
2-0	RL shanks lefty bh lead
2-0	CD bad tip, RL burn is short
2-1	DH bh off is wide
2-2	CD sidearm rally shot is wide (misread wind)
2-3	RL bh burn winner after short DH serve
3-3	SK offside burn scoots wide
4-3	SK two-finger attack is wide
4-4	DH bails on SK two-finger attack (may not have heard tip call, timing was good)
5-4	RL solo offside is wide
6-4	SK picked by DH bh rally, travels then sets disc down (almost a double)
7-4	RL lets short DH bh off land in
8-4	SK drops CD sidearm rally shot (which lifted)
8-4	Endangerment called (CD originally and mistakenly thought SK attack was not a burn)
8-6	Double bail by DH/CD on Go call
9-6	SK short off after good DH offside
9-7	DH lefty rally shot is wide
10-7	SK drops slow offside burn by DH
10-8	DH bad tip on RL scoober burn
10-9	DH drops good RL offside burn out of counterattack
11-9	RL scoober rally shot is wide
11-10	Lift on tip by DH during double-tip escape
12-10	SK wrist-flip off is wide
12-11	SK hard burn winner after CD leaves him short
13-11	SK solo burn is wide
13-12	DH drops hard high burn (fortunately, bad Tip call by CD)
14-12	RL bails as SK tips (or maybe lifts) on lefty+sidearm attack
14-13	DH lets SK dump land in
15-13	RL bad tip on lefty+sidearm attack


Here's yet another attempt to break down scoring in DDC, into common ways of throwing out and defensive mistakes. Most of the categories are self-explanatory. I considered a "bail" to be any disc that a player lets land in, for any reason - they may have thought it was out, or were concerned about getting doubled. The four doubles that occurred are not included below. In general I set the bar high for the defense - a team is expected to escape everything unless a clear winner was thrown.

Serve/rally OUT4315
Lead OUT1453
Doubling shot OUT0537
Solo attack OUT0152
Quick off OUT2229
Dropped tip5670
Winner (good)4052


Out throw7151626

I'm not sure this tells us anything we didn't already know, though there are some interesting wrinkles. Sam had no dropped tips, which tells us both that he's a very good defensive front, and that he was the only player who did not play back in the match. There seemed to be a high number in the "bail" category; that may have been the changing wind direction.