Analysis of the finals of the 2021 VA States

The finals were two out of three games to 21 points. The team of Conrad Damon and Eric Prather played Harvey Brandt and Cody Kirkland. Conditions were excellent, having settled down after a blustery day.

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3 (part 1)

Game 3 (part 2)

Here's a quick summary of the scoring in those three games:

Game 1: HB/CK vs CD/EP

0-1        CD solo offside winner vs CK
0-2        CK burn short
0-3        CK backhand off short
2-3        double bail on good proximity; CK distracts us by falling down first
2-4        CK bad tip of EP burn
3-4        CD wet blanket short
3-4        HB bails on UD lead, EP dump wide
4-4        CD bad tip
6-4        CD drops tip, EP drops CK burn
6-6        CK bad tip of CD dump, HB lets lead land in
7-6        CK solo dump winner
9-6        EP drops tip, CD off is out after collision
9-6        EP dump out, HB off short
9-7        CK serve wide
11-7       EP off short, CD bails (hoping for tip)
11-8       HB sidearm rally long
12-8       EP drops CK burn
13-8       EP dump long
13-9       HB bad tip of UD lead
13-10      CD burn winner
14-10      EP off just wide
14-11      HB bad tip of UD lead
16-11      CD bad tip of UD lead, EP bail
16-12      HB bails on UD lead
16-14      HB drops tip, CK bails on CD burn
16-15      CD solo offside winner (after CK poached previous one)
18-15      CK burn winner as CD bails on lead
20-15      double on hard burn
20-16      CK bad tip (after nice one-handed catch by EP)
21-16      CK dump winner after nice rally

Game 2: HB/CK vs CD/EP

0-2        double on hard burn
2-2        double on UD lead and hard burn
3-2        CD lets rally shot land in back corner
4-2        EP serve long
5-2        CK solo burn winner
5-4        HB and CK let UD lead and dump land in
7-4        CD dropped tip of UD lead, EP off short (was not a double)
7-4        angle on CK off (great rally)
7-5        CK burn short
8-5        HB offside winner
8-6        HB bad tip of UD lead
8-8        HB off is short, CK drops CD burn
8-9        HB burn rolls long
8-11       CK bad tip, HB drops lead
8-11       CD line fault on wet blanket
9-11       HB solo winner
9-13       HB drops tip, CK bails on EP dump (call was changed)
9-14       CK lead short
9-15       HB dump out
9-16       HB off wide
9-17       HB dropped tip
10-17      CD dropped tip as EP tips (good rally)
10-18      HB off after tip is short
10-18      angle called on CK UD lead
10-19      CK burn wide
10-20      HB lets lefty EP serve land in
10-20      CD staker burn winner, CK solo burn winner
11-20      CD solo offside burn is out
11-21      HB dropped tip

Game 3: HB/CK vs CD/EP

0-0        CK off is wide, CK solo burn winner (offside?!)
1-0        CK hook-thumb dump winner into back corner
1-1        HB lets UD lead land in
2-1        EP bad tip of hook thumb attack
2-2        CK bad tip of staker burn
2-3        CK off is out after nice catch of CD offside
2-4        CD solo offside winner
4-4        double (EP high catch of CK burn on its way out)
5-4        CD off wide after EP soaks CK heat
5-5        HB rally dump is long
6-5        HB dump winner into deep corner
7-5        CK off sneaks into front left
7-6        HB off after catching UD is wide
8-6        EP off is wide
9-6        CK dump winner into deep corner
10-6       EP has to drop on HB quick attack
11-6       CK solo burn winner
11-7       HB solo offside slides long
12-7       EP off is wide
12-8       CK off is short
13-8       EP drops CK backhand attack
13-9       HB solo burn is wide
13-10      CK wet blanket is long (good rally)
13-11      CD solo offside winner
14-11      EP off is short
14-12      CK burn out of escape is long
15-12      EP quick throw is wide during burn fiesta
15-13      HB bails on UD lead
15-14      HB sidearm lead is short (after CD/EP were doubled, called clean)
16-14      EP off (from out of court) is out after triple tip
16-15      CK bails on EP dump under UD lead
16-16      CK burn is out
17-16      CD drops tip
18-16      EP off is short (very close to double, great rally)
18-17      HB off after catching UD lead is out
19-17      EP burn long
20-17      HB dump winner after EP burn on serve that no one was expecting
20-17      endangerment - CK burn hits CD
20-18      CD offside winner
21-18      CD bails on lead after realizing he made the wrong call :(


Here's yet another attempt to break down scoring in DDC, into common ways of throwing out and defensive mistakes. Most of the categories are self-explanatory. I considered a "bail" to be any disc that a player lets land in, for any reason - they may have thought it was out, or were concerned about getting doubled. In general I set the bar high for the defense - a team is expected to escape everything unless a clear winner was thrown.

Serve/rally OUT1210
Lead OUT1100
Doubling shot OUT6241
Solo attack OUT0201
Quick off OUT46102
Dropped tip5726
Winner (good)9407


Out throw1213154