Games 4 and 5 of the Open finals of the 2011 West Coast DDC Championships (filling in for the annual AZ States tournament) are captured on video here:

2011 WCDDC

Games 1 through 3 were played two days earlier, with the Kirklands winning the first two over Dave and Conrad. Rick LeBeau filmed games 4 and 5 and provided the excellent editing and voice-over. Since I don't often see quality video of finals, I decided to break down exactly how points are being scored. The conditions were pretty good, with a steady breeze in the range of 5-7 mph. Below is a chart summarizing each scoring play.

Game 1

CD/DH JK/CK Scoring play Notes
1 0 JK drops tip
2 0 JK staker burn short
2 1 DH drops tip emergency tip due to wrong Go call
3 1 CK drops tip actually a double when tip lands on CK before JK has released
3 2 DH backhand rally shot long
4 2 DH two-finger burn winner (strong side) past CK
6 2 CK drops CD's two-finger dump, JK drops tip
7 2 JK UD lead wide right
8 2 CK two-finger burn wide right
8 4 DOUBLE: DH wrong call (Tip, should have been Go)
9 4 JK catapult dump long cursing ensued
10 4 JK drops tip disc then kicked
11 4 JK catapult dump long
11 5 CD drops tip of CK hook-thumb burn
12 5 JK lets low backhand lead land in
13 5 DH two-finger winner (offside) past JK on impasse
13 5 BREAK: JK backhand lead long, CK hook-thumb let go by CD, is in
14 5 JK low backhand lead short
14 7 Good attack timing, both discs in - CK short UD, JK catapult DH makes dreaded "TipGo" call
16 7 JK lefty rally shot long, lets DH lead land in

Game 2

CD/DH JK/CK Scoring play Notes
0 2 DOUBLE: CK two-finger slow offside skips off DH shoulder just after DH catches lead
1 2 CK lets DH two-finger dump attack land in
1 3 DH lets backhand lead land in (CK hook-thumb dump attack) wrong call (Go, should have been Tip)
1 4 DH drops lead (CK turnover backhand off) after CD tip
1 5 JK catapult dump winner over CD
3 5 JK drops backhand lead, CK drops tip
4 5 JK drops backhand rally shot
4 6 DH two-finger dump attack long
4 7 DH lets backhand serve land in
4 8 CD drops CK two-finger attack burn (strong side)
5 8 CK turnover backhand off is short
5 10 DH drops tip, CD lets CK hook-thumb dump land in
6 10 JK catapult attack burn (strong side) is short
7 10 CK two-finger attack burn (offside) is long
8 10 DH two-finger attack burn (offside) is in good placement of burn caused a pick
8 12 CD tips, goes out of court, bails; DH drops tip CD probably should have caught and thrown; not sure tip gave DH enough time to throw
8 13 CD lets CK hook-thumb dump land in
8 14 DH drops tip
9 14 CK hook-thumb attack burn (strong side) is long
10 14 CK drops rally shot (pick)
10 15 DH calls angle, reversed CD had said "Watch angle"


There are three ways to score: double, throw out, and drop. A drop is any in throw that is not caught. Of course, there are many paths to those outcomes.
  Drop   Out
throw 7 lead 3
tip 12 attack 8
let go 9 rally 2
beat 3 quick off 1
JK 7   8
CK 7   4
CD 8   0
DH 9   2