Analysis of DDC at the 2015 WFDF in Norrkoping, Sweden


Stats (3 games to 15)

Here's yet another attempt to break down scoring in DDC, into common ways of throwing out and defensive mistakes. Most of the categories are self-explanatory. I considered a "bail" to be any disc that a player lets land in, for any reason - they may have thought it was out, or were concerned about getting doubled. The four doubles that occurred are not included below. In general I set the bar high for the defense - a team is expected to escape everything unless a clear winner was thrown.

Note: There's some guesswork involved since the camera angle often showed only one court, while points were being scored in the other court.

Serve/rally OUT3112
Lead OUT2221
Doubling shot OUT6322
Solo attack OUT1110
Quick off OUT1001
Dropped tip2201
Winner (good)1221


Out throw13765

Conditions were pretty good, with drizzle and a light steady breeze. Still, there were a lot of unforced errors.

Dave and Conrad were probably doubled at 25:21 (Dave is slightly out of frame, so it's hard to be absolutely sure).