Analysis of DDC at the 2019 WFDF in Richmond, VA

The video on which this analysis is based only covers the first two of the three games. It was brutally hot and the camera stopped functioning due to the heat.


Here's a quick summary of the scoring in those two games:

Game 1

1-0    JB well-timed strong-side burn, SK drops/bails (maybe wrong call)
1-0    CD drops tip, DH burns out
2-0    DH drops tip after CD/JB double-tip escape
2-1    JB dump serve out
2-2    JB drop
3-2    SK bails on CD dump attack
4-2    JB offside winner on attack
5-2    SK burn long
5-3    JB bails on SK lefty attack
5-3    Angle called on CD dump
7-3    SK and DH bail on attack, JB strong-side winner
7-4    CD drops lead milking it; JB nice diving catch of front tip
7-5    JB dump attack long
8-5    SK bails on JB strong-side attack [DDCam: SK/DH doubled earlier]
8-6    JB dump attack long
8-6    CD UD lead short, SK drops tip
9-6    CD sneaky backhand winner instead of lead
10-6    SK drops rally shot
11-6    SK lefty attack wide
12-6    DH burn short
13-6    DH lead out
13-7    JB burn short
14-7    DH drops tip
14-8    JB burn long
14-9    CD UD off short [DDCam: CD/JB doubled]
14-10    JB burn long
15-10    SK drops tip of CD offside attack

Game 2

1-0    SK burn long
1-1    JB bails on SK strong-side winner
1-2    CD UD lead long
2-2    SK serve long
3-2    SK bails on JB offside winner
4-2    SK offside burn wide
6-2    SK off short, DH dump attack wide
6-3    JB bails on SK strong-side winner
7-3    SK drops JB offside attack
8-3    SK burn short
8-4    JB drops tip
8-5    ??? [point is missing from video]
8-6    JB lead wide
8-7    JB wrist-flip off is short
8-8    JB burn out
9-8    DH bails on lead (wrong call); great ramp earlier by SK
9-9    CD bails on lead
11-9    SK/DH doubled; SK did not hear "tip yours" call
11-10    CD solo attack out
12-10    SK rally shot out
13-10    SK burn long
13-11    JB burn short
14-11    DH offside attack wide
14-13    CD bail, JB off short
15-13    CD offside burn winner


Here's yet another attempt to break down scoring in DDC, into common ways of throwing out and defensive mistakes. Most of the categories are self-explanatory. I considered a "bail" to be any disc that a player lets land in, for any reason - they may have thought it was out, or were concerned about getting doubled. In general I set the bar high for the defense - a team is expected to escape everything unless a clear winner was thrown.

Serve/rally OUT1002
Lead OUT1210
Doubling shot OUT7046
Solo attack OUT0100
Quick off OUT2101
Dropped tip1112
Winner (good)5403


Out throw11459

We lack a bit of statistical significance here since the stats come from just two games. For me at least, the hot and humid conditions made me a bit less comfortable with my two-finger burn since my throwing hand was soaked in sweat (hence the towel tucked into my shorts). Wind conditions were pretty good, which is reflected in the relatively small number of leads and rally shots thrown out.